Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll

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Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Brunette Sex Dolls

If you love brunette girls with large breasts and happen to want to buy a realistic sex doll the Stephanie 1.0 sex doll is exactly what you are looking for. As you can see this beautiful real girl is one of the most realistic sex dolls ever created.

The Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll

The stunning Stephanie 1.0 sex doll is a creation from RealDoll, a sex doll manufacturer with a long and solid reputation for making the most realistic sex dolls in the world.

Beautiful Facial Features

Even just the quickest of glances is enough to see how beautiful this sex doll is. Not only is she highly realistic she has drop dead gorgeous looks. The kind that would not look out of place on an A-list movie star or supermodel.

It is easy to see why you may find yourself believing in love at first sight when you first set eyes on this hottie.

Sexy Petite Beauty

If you love petite girls this is very likely the perfect choice of sex doll to buy.

She stands a petite 5 feet 1 inch. This certainly goes a long way in proving the best things really do come in small packages.

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Brunette Sex Dolls

She weighs between 75 and 80 lbs. According to sex doll owners this seems to be the perfect weight for a sex doll. Light enough to move around with relative ease yet heavy enough to feel just like a real woman when in use.

Perfect Real Girl Body

What stands out about the Stephanie 1.0 sex doll is her real girl body. She is certainly well toned, very sexy, with curves in all the right places. But it is her resemblance to a real everyday woman that makes her a favorite.

She has a 37 inch bust combined with a 24 inch waist and 37 inch hips. These measurements give her the most perfect feminine, and very sexy hourglass figure. Something you will never grow tired of admiring.

She looks truly wonderful wearing clothing sized between small and medium. It is worth remembering a larger top may be needed due to her large breasts.

Hypnotic Big Breasts

The Stephanie 1.0 sex doll is the perfect choice for any man who loves larger breasts.

She has the most perfect F-Cup breasts you could ever dream about. You really will struggle to find any other sex doll with breasts that look this realistic. They also feel every inch as real as they look. This is thanks to the gel implants in her breasts and buttocks. In fact we would challenge anyone to tell the difference between the breasts on this doll and those of a real woman.

This high end sex doll looks amazing wearing a 32F sized bra.

A Foot Fetish Dream Sex Doll

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Brunette Sex Dolls

It will probably come as little surprise when we state that men with a foot fetish, love of female legs, and nylons are extremely common. Sadly not many of these men have been lucky enough to have a chance to explore these sexual fantasies.

This is just one of the wonderful things about owning a sex doll. These high end dolls allow you to explore and enjoy any sexual fantasy you dare to dream. A sex doll will never judge you or refuse you. She will always be ready for you and always be willing to try anything.

The Stephanie 1.0 sex doll is a superb choice for anyone with a legs or foot fetish. Both her legs and feet are extremely realistic. In fact they are so lifelike you will struggle to tell them apart from a real woman.

This doll looks stunning with simple bare legs and feet. You will not be able to get enough of staring and touching her. She also looks fantastic dressed in nylons such as stockings or pantyhose. Finish her look with a pair of high heels and you will be in heaven.

This beautiful, high end sex doll has size 6 feet.


RealDoll very much wrote the book when it comes to customizing a sex doll. Pretty much everything about these sex dolls can be altered to suit your own individual tastes. It is possbile to chance everything from body shape to skin color. There is also the chance to choose custom nipples and pubic hair along with fingernails and hair. It is even possible to change the face of these sex dolls.

In fact most people who buy a RealDoll buy additional faces and hairpieces. This allows them to quickly and easily change the entire appearance of a sex doll. It is very much like buying several sex dolls for the price of one.

You can check the best possible price for the The Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll here.

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