Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review

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Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

It is natural that you are looking at this Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review if you wish to get a high-end, very realistic sex doll. This is a premium sex doll made by the renowned Real Doll workshop, after all. Who wouldn’t want a Real Doll sex doll as a pet? After all, everyone agrees that these are the best sex dolls in the world. not to mention being the most accurate.

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On the other hand, if you want to know why these high end love dolls are so awesome, you are free to continue with this Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review.

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review – Quick Look

This Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review examines this incredibly lifelike brunette sex doll in detail. You will have to look very far to find a more attractive, lifelike, or expensive sex doll. This sex doll is so lifelike that it is clear why so many people mistake her for a real lady, as you can see by taking a brief glance at any of her images.

She has silicone gel filler used to create and fill her breasts and buttocks. They feel and look exactly like the real thing thanks to this high grade gel.

Highly Realistic, Beautiful and Very Sexy

This high-end sex doll can only be adequately described as lovely. In fact, it’s safe to say that this brunette sex doll is gorgeous. She is insanely realistic and extremely sexy. You can actually understand why people frequently think she is a real woman.

Her stunning brown eyes are both captivating and sexy, and her light tan skin feels and looks exactly like the genuine thing. If you just looked into those eyes, it would be so simple to fall in love with her.

Height and Weight

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

This premium Real Doll is perfect for you if you enjoy small-framed women. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall, which explains why. The best things, after all, do come in small packages.

When used, this stunning sex doll, which weights no more than 80lbs, feels crazily lifelike. She will make you feel as though she is a real woman whether you are making love to her or just cuddling.

She is still light enough to move about with relative ease, which is fantastic for a sex doll her weight. When you are moving her and putting her in different poses and situations, you will quickly start to appreciate this.

Body Measurements

This gorgeous brunette sex doll has a really seductive form. You will actually struggle to keep your hands and your eyes away from her. She is really feminine and toned.

She has a 37-inch hip circumference, a 24-inch waist, and a 37-inch bust. Talk about a foxy brunette chick with the perfect amount of curves.

She has 32-inch underbust F-Cup breasts that are really gorgeous. Her protruding breasts have a lifelike appearance and feel. Anyone who feels her breasts and claims to be able to discern the difference between them and the genuine thing is in fact being challenged. They are remarkably realistic, in fact.

You should hunt for apparel between small and large sizes if you’re shopping outfits for this brunette sex doll. It is important to note that you might need to purchase a slightly larger top due to her enormous F-Cup breasts. It all depends on your opinion of women who cover their enormous breasts with tight-fitting clothes.

The Best Foot Fetish Sex Doll

A foot fetish appears to be the most prevalent sexual fetish worldwide. Usually, this comes with a great yearning for and adoration of gorgeous legs.

This sex doll is undoubtedly one of the greatest foot fetish sex dolls available if you enjoy women with attractive legs. It will seem as though all of your dreams had come true because of how lifelike her legs and feet appear.

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

Whether they are covered in nylon stockings and pantyhose or left bare, the doll’s lovely legs are stunning. She poses with her lovely legs crossed and looks amazing.

The very same can be said about her beautiful size 6 feet. They look incredible bare or dressed high heels. She will, quite literally cast her foot fetish spell on you. So much so you could very well find that she has you as her foot fetish slave.

Can Offer All Forms of Sex

Obviously, having sex with a sex doll is the main motivation for guys to purchase one.

You can engage in all types of intercourse with real doll sex dolls. This involves oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse. It is also possible to get a handjob from this gorgeous brunette sex doll and, if you have a hidden foot fetish, a footjob from her because she is so unbelievably lifelike in every manner.

What is it Like to Have Sex With Her

You certainly won’t be the first or last person to ponder what it’s like to engage in sexual activity with a Real Doll.

The simplest explanation is that it feels just like being inside a real lady inside this brunette sex doll. You won’t be able to tell the difference between this brunette sex doll and the real thing if you use a lot of lubrication.

The fact that Real Doll sex dolls look real as you have sex with them sets them apart from other brands of sex dolls. As you make love to this doll, her vagina will exactly resemble the real thing. Her mouth fits the same description as her body. Her lips are wrapped over your penis, looking just like those of a real woman.

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Position in Any Pose Imaginable

Real Doll sex dolls are created using a skeleton as a base. The skeletons that are used to create this brunette sex doll have joints that can move. Any movable joint that can be found in a real human skeleton may also be found in a Real Doll skeleton.

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

This gorgeous brunette sex doll can strike any lifelike stance possible because she has flexible joints much like a human. She is therefore capable of being in any sexual position you can think of. She’ll be ready and willing to satiate all of your sexual needs at all times. This gorgeous brunette sex doll won’t ever refuse you or say she has a headache. It should come as no surprise that many men who purchase sex dolls actually think that they are superior to real women.

Customize Every Part of Her

The best sex dolls in the world are made by Real Doll. Additionally, they provide a service that is superior than anything else available. I make this claim because Real Doll provides a service that allows you to modify and change every single aspect of their sex dolls. Any doll’s attribute that you would like to change can be done with ease at the time of purchase.

Nothing is unchangeable, in a strict sense. Even her fingernails, pubic hair, and vaginal form can be changed, along with her face, skin tone, eye color, height, and body type.

You could even purchase several hair accessories and sex doll faces. This would enable you to fast and simply change your sex doll’s appearance. It is comparable to purchasing one expensive sex doll and receiving many additional for free.

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Real Doll pretty much give you the option of designing and making your own sex doll from scratch. Your perfect custom sex doll!

Lifelike Silicon Skin

The main thing that makes this brunette sex doll look so realistic is her skin.

A modern sex doll would often have skin made of one of two substances. TPE and silicone are those substances. The more affordable TPE is the substance used to make low-cost Chinese sex dolls. The use of TPE sex doll skin is completely acceptable. There are a number of disadvantages, but it lowers the overall cost of a sex doll. First of all, silicone sex dolls can be more lifelike than TPE dolls, which are never as lifelike. TPE isn’t as durable as silicone, either.

The skin on Real Doll’s sex dolls is made of the highest grade silicone. These dolls’ silicone skin is what gives them their lifelike and durable qualities.

Highest Quality Materials

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

The best quality can be found throughout this brunette sex doll, not just in the skin. The highest quality materials and components were used in the fabrication of a Real Doll.

When you examine and use the skeleton joints of these dolls, you can really see this. It happens frequently that after purchasing a cheap sex doll, you discover that the skeleton joints are excessively rigid. The joints start to feel lax and unable to maintain a position or pose a few months later.

This is not something you will ever have to worry about if you buy a high end Real Doll sex doll. Having spent several months on this Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review the joints still feel as perfect as they did when the doll was delivered to me.

Handmade by Experts

As with all Real Dolls, I was astounded by the level of care and talent that had obviously gone into developing Stephanie 1.0 when I initially started writing this sex doll review. You can’t possibly think that something this stunning could ever be created in bulk on a Chinese assembly line.

Every single Real Doll sex doll is produced by hand in the USA. Each Real Doll sex doll is created by some of the top artisans in the world. One thing is to be astounded by the level of detail put into these love dolls when you view a picture of them. You won’t believe your eyes when you see a Real Doll in person, I can guarantee that. They truly are that astounding in every way.

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Easy to Clean

Cleaning a sex toy of any kind is arguably the worst part of having one and using it. In fact, I’d go so far as to claim that sex dolls are the most difficult sex toys to maintain. Their size is largely to blame for this.

The Real Doll products are the most straightforward to clean of all the sex dolls I have had over the years. This is due to the fact that they include detachable orifices that enable sink washing. They are significantly simpler to dry because they can be removed.

It is worth pointing out that Real Doll sex dolls allows you to remove the face and hair. Again, this makes the cleaning process a breeze.

Shipping and Delivery

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

I adore Real Doll because they take seriously their customers’ right to privacy. When you purchase a Real Doll, you won’t have to be concerned about receiving a shipment with the words “SEX DOLL” written across the side in plain view of your neighbors.

All of Real Doll’s high-end sex dolls are shipped in an unmarked wooden crate. Whatever is inside the package is never made clear. Even the delivery man who brings the crate to your door won’t know what’s inside. There isn’t even any visible paperwork that would point to the goods you are delivering.

When you open your package in the privacy of your own home, you will be the first one to see what’s inside.

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The bottom line is that if you are looking to buy the best brunette sex doll the conclusion to this Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review is that you have stumbled on the answer to all your prayers.

This is an insanely beautiful and very sexy brunette sex doll. She looks and feels just like a real woman. In fact she looks and feels so incredibly realistic you really will struggle to tell the difference between her and real thing.

This is not just a sex doll that you will never get tired of making love to. You will find this beautiful, realistic sex doll makes the most perfect companion. Never ever let yourself be lonely again. You will not find a better, more realistic brunette sex doll than a Real Doll.

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Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

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