Sai 1.0 Sex Doll Review Review

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Undoubtedly, you want to get one of the best, most lifelike sex dolls that money can buy. You are reading our Sai 1.0 sex doll review for this reason. The answer to the question of whether an Asian sex doll from Real Doll is worth money is simple. Real Doll’s sex dolls are exactly what you would expect them to be. They are, quite literally, the greatest and most realistic sex dolls available. If you’re searching to buy an Asian teen or Asian MILF sex doll, there is really nothing that compares to what Real Doll has to offer.

If this answers you question you can check out the Real Doll website and their range of sex dolls by clicking here.

On the other hand, if you care to learn why these sex dolls are the very best in the world you can continue to read this Sai 1.0 sex doll review.

Sai 1.0 sex doll review – Quick Look

This Sai 1.0 sex doll review examines what many have called the most lifelike Asian sex doll in the world in great detail. This amazingly lifelike sex doll was produced by Real Doll, the top sex doll company in the world. In reality, all it takes is a cursory glance at her images to see why so many people honestly believe she is a real woman.

There is simply no substitute for a Real Doll if you’re wanting to purchase an extremely realistic Asian sex doll, whether it’s a MILF or a youthful college girl. How lifelike her breasts and buttocks feel will astound you. This is due to the fact that they are filled with a unique gel that is also used in actual breast implants.

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Highly Realistic, Beautiful and Very Sexy

It is clear that this high-end sex doll is both stunning and highly seductive. The level of craftsmanship used by the doll makers has resulted in her medium skin being both dreamy and crazily realistic.

If you dare look into her hypnotically captivating brown eyes, you will struggle to resist falling in love with her.

The main conclusion is that you will have to go very far and still struggle to find a sex doll that is this attractive, lifelike, and seductive.

Height and Weight

Sai 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll - Dark Haired Sex Doll Review - Asian Sex Doll Review

If you love short petite girls this beautiful sex doll should be at the top of your list. She stands a tiny 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs no more than 75 lbs. This is somewhat lighter than you would expect a real woman of this size to be.

However, it has consistently been demonstrated that this weight is ideal for a sex doll. When in use, the weight seems realistic. However, it is still lightweight enough to walk around with reasonable ease. Owners of sex dolls quickly learn to enjoy this while changing positions sexually with their female partners.

Body Measurements

This sex doll is ideal for you if you enjoy sexy chicks with tiny breasts. She combines the most ideal 32-inch under-bust with B-Cup breasts. You will find it difficult to distinguish her breasts from genuine ones because they resemble them so closely. They are indeed rather realistic.

This lean, incredibly feminine sex doll measures 36.5 inches around the hips, 23 inches around the waist, and 32 inches around the bust. There is no doubt that this is a smoking hot body that you will never weary of admiring and stroking.

If you are already dreaming of the clothes you can dress this sex doll in consider anything between a size 6 and a size 8.

Best Foot Fetish and Foot Worship Sex Doll

A love of attractive female legs and feet is a very common sexual desire. However, despite the fact that this addiction is fairly common, few men publicly admit to having it. It is a sad fact that not many guys have the good fortune to develop fantasies involving their feet.

You may expect things like this when you buy a sex doll, which is only one of the many fantastic advantages. Real Doll sex dolls have the most exquisite legs and the most exquisite feet. Both of which look exactly like actual objects.

The most wonderful size 6 feet belong to this particular sex doll. She has divine feet and is the ideal subject for some foot worship. She will make you her slave whether she is wearing high heels or not.

Her legs have the same hypnotic effect. She has amazing legs that are both attractive while nude and even more so when wearing nylons. That can be pantyhose or nylon stockings. Whatever one you favour and want the most.

You can check out more photos of this sex dolls sexy legs and beautiful feet by clicking here.

Can Offer All Forms of Sex

Sai 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll - Dark Haired Sex Doll Review - Asian Sex Doll Review

Most men will purchase a sex doll primarily for the aim of having sex. After all, a sex doll can be thought of as a high end sex toy for males in its most basic form.

I have to admit that this Sai.0 sex doll review’s best part was the sex.

This Asian sex doll with black hair can give you any kind of sex and is very lifelike. She has incredibly lifelike mouth, anus, and vagina. This suggests that you can have vaginal, anal, and oral sex with her. She will never experience fatigue or a headache. This gorgeous dark-haired woman will never turn you down.

It’s also important to note that this stunning senior sex doll can do the most incredible hand- and foot-jobs for you. If you have a foot fetish, you will be in heaven on earth when you witness her lifelike feet massaging your penis.

What is it Like to Have Sex With Her

Using a genuine Real Doll sex doll will make your experience feel just like having sex with a real woman. In fact, it would be challenging to tell the difference between the experiences of a real woman and a doll.

Sex with a Real Doll not only resembles it, but also feels like it would with a real lady. Her mouth, ass, and vagina have all been specifically designed to look and act like the real thing when in use. You’ll be amazed at how accurately your penis seems as it slips inside of her vagina. You could relate that to her mouth. When you notice her lips around your penis while she gives you a blowjob, your mind will be completely blown.

Position in Any Pose Imaginable

Real Doll sex dolls have a flexible structure and joints. A Real Doll has every articulating joint that exists in the human skeleton.

If you have a Real Doll sex doll, you have a ton of fantastic options at your disposal.

She is easy to arrange in any desired realistic pose. Whether you use her simply for photography or just want to enjoy staring at her, these sex dolls are nothing short of magnificent.

Because these lifelike sex dolls are fully posable, she may be placed in any desired sexual position. With this stunning Asian sex doll with black hair, your sexual fantasies will be fulfilled.

She will always be open to trying anything with you.

Customize Every Part of Her

Sai 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll - Dark Haired Sex Doll Review - Asian Sex Doll Review

Real Doll is the solution to all your problems if you’ve ever wondered how to create your own sex doll.

If there is a feature on a Real Doll sex doll that you don’t like, you can modify it. The sex dolls from Real Doll can be completely customized. everything about her, including the form of her vagina, her face, hair, body type, breast size, skin tone, pubic hair, and much more.

Since every Real Doll sex doll is completely customizable, you could theoretically start from scratch and make your own unique sex doll. You may make your own sex doll with the Real Doll website. It is as easy as selecting each and every body component on the company’s website.

You can check out the Real Doll website and all the custom sex doll options by clicking here.

Lifelike Silicon Skin

One of two materials is commonly applied to sex skin. The original and most widely used material is TPE. This material is affordable and easy to work with. Due to this, it is frequently used in low-cost sex dolls produced in China.

Silicone still performs better than TPE, despite the fact that TPE is a pretty nice material and can be utilized to create some incredibly lifelike sex dolls. TPE is a rather durable material, but not being as tenacious as silicone.

For the skin of their sex dolls, Real Doll only uses the best grade silicone. Because they use premium silicone, the dolls they make are exceptionally durable and realistic. Yes, silicone sex dolls cost a little bit more than TPE-based alternatives. However, you get what you pay for in life, as with everything else. This is particularly true when purchasing an expensive, very realistic sex doll.

If you are wanting to buy a realistic Asian teen sex doll your best bet is to buy a silicone doll.

Highest Quality Materials

Sai 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll - Dark Haired Sex Doll Review - Asian Sex Doll Review

When you buy a lifelike Real Doll sex doll, the materials used to create it go beyond just the skin. The doll’s construction includes only the finest materials and parts.

You can actually see this by moving the sex doll’s joints. Over the years, I’ve owned so many sex dolls that I’ve lost count. I’ve found that a doll’s joints tend to be a little stiff when it is first made most of the time. This is unquestionably a helpful trait when attempting to maintain certain poses for a sex doll. The primary problem I’ve experienced with other sex doll manufacturers is how quickly the joints wear out. In fact, they often get so floppy that the doll has a hard time holding any posture.

You won’t experience this with this Asian Real Doll sex doll. This Sai 1.0 sex doll review took several months to complete. Her joints still felt flawless during that period, just like they did on the first day I held her. If you purchase a premium Asian sex doll, this is exactly what you are hoping for.

Handmade by Experts

One thing is clear even from just a cursory glance at the gorgeous images of this dark haired Asian sex queen. A love doll this realistically created could never be bulk made on an assembly line.

For this reason, every single Real Doll sex doll is handcrafted in the USA. More importantly, the people who use their talents to create each Real Doll are regarded as the world’s top doll artisans.

Take a look at the whole range of Real Doll sex dolls by clicking here.

Easy to Clean

It seems sense that you would think a sex doll would be difficult to clean. The idea of cleaning something as huge as a person could be scary; washing a regular sex toy is terrible enough.

The good news is that cleaning a premium Real Doll sex doll is not nearly as tough as you may believe.

Sai 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll - Dark Haired Sex Doll Review - Asian Sex Doll Review

Realistic, superior removable orifices are a characteristic of Real Doll sex dolls. They are now considerably simpler to clean as a result. Once an orifice has been removed, cleaning it is as easy as pouring warm water and a cleaning solution designed especially for sex dolls through it. By doing this, the possibility of bacteria and other pathogens lingering will be reduced.

The hair, face, and head of a Real Doll sex doll are removable. Because of this, cleaning them is really simple and doesn’t require handling the full sex doll.

A warm, wet towel works well for cleaning the skins of your sex dolls.

Always be sure to allow enough time for your sex doll or toy’s orifices to dry out. This will prevent the growth of mould.

Shipping and Delivery

Most individuals are concerned about delivery when they purchase their first sex doll. Who would want a neighbour or even a delivery person to know that they are receiving a sex doll, after all?

The good news about Real Doll is that they take seriously their commitment to client privacy. There is nothing to be concerned about.

All of Real Doll’s sex dolls are sent out in a simple wooden carton. There is absolutely no indication of the contents of the crate. Even the visible papers listing the contents of the crate won’t be there. When you break the container open in the solitude of your own house, the contents will become apparent for the first time.

You can read more about the Real Doll shipping process by clicking here.


This truly ought to be your top option if you’re wanting to get a high-end, incredibly lifelike, dark haired Asian sex doll. It is nevertheless strongly advised that you look at the other incredibly lifelike sex dolls offered for sale by Real Doll if this lovely sex doll is not to your taste. Clicking here will take you there.

You can continue looking for the rest of your days. But the truth is that Real Doll is the only firm that makes products that come close to matching their quality. Without a shadow of a doubt, they are the greatest and most lifelike sex dolls ever made.

Buy a Real Doll sex doll and it will most likely give you a lifetime of enjoyment and pleasure.

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Sai 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll - Dark Haired Sex Doll Review - Asian Sex Doll Review

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