Natalie 2.0 Sex Doll

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Natalie 2.0 Sex Doll - - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Blonde Sex Dolls

If you are in the market to buy the best high end, realistic, blonde sex doll the Natalie 2.0 sex doll is very likely exactly what you are looking for. Beautiful, sexy, highly realistic, and world class quality. What is not to love?

The Natalie 2.0 Sex Doll

It is easy to see from just a simple glance how realistic this sex doll is. The Natalie 2.0 sex doll is the perfect real girl sex doll designed and manufactured by RealDoll. RealDoll is the world leading sex doll manufacturer and name behind the worlds most realistic and technologically advanced love dolls.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Facial Features

You really will have to go a long way to find a sex doll that is as beautiful as this RealDoll creation. Drop dead gorgeous is probably the best way to describe this sex doll. She really does have the most beautiful facial features.

This sexy real girl would not look out of place as a Hollywood actress or a supermodel.

There is even a very good chance you will believe in love at first sight with this sex doll. Especially when you first stare into her seductive brown eyes.

Tall and Sexy

Natalie 2.0 Sex Doll - - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Blonde Sex Dolls

If you have a thing about tall, leggy blonde girls the Natalie 2.0 sex doll is ideal for you. This beautiful sex doll stands a tall 5 feet, 10 inches tall. She certainly stands out in any crowd and will always be at the very centre of your attention.

This high end sex doll weighs between 85 and 90 lbs. This is generally regarded as the perfect weight for a sex doll. It is heavy enough so she feels just like a real woman when in use. On the other hand she is not so heavy that she is difficult to move around and position in poses. This is something you will quickly become extremely grateful for when you buy your first sex doll.

Smoking Hot Supermodel Figure

This high end sex doll from RealDoll has a slender, athletic figure. She is the very definition of female perfection especially if you love women who have an athletic look about them. This doll will certainly look extremely sexy wearing gym clothing such as yoga pants.

Her bust measures 34 inches while her waist measures 24 inches and her hips measure 34 inches.

She fits perfectly into clothing that is sized between a 3 and a 5 0r a small size.

Perfect Small Breasts

The beautiful Natalie 2.0 sex doll has the most perfectly sculpted small breasts. They look perfect on her slim, well-toned, athletic figure.

Her breasts as a perfect A-Cup.

Sexy Legs and Beautiful Feet

Natalie 2.0 Sex Doll - - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Blonde Sex Dolls

You will not believe how many men have a secret foot fetish. A foot fetish really is one of the most common sexual fetishes. The same applies to men who love women’s legs or women who wear nylon stockings and pantyhose.

Despite a foot fetish or nylon fetish being so common a huge number of men claim they have never been lucky enough to explore these desires. This is, as you may well expect, one of the great things about owning a sex doll. Regardless what your sexual desire happens to be a sex doll will always be there to help you explore it. There is no fear of embarrassment or judgement.

It is easy to see why more and more men are starting to consider sex dolls

The Natalie 2.0 sex doll looks truly stunning wearing shoes sized between an 8 and a 9.

The Best Customization Options

When it comes to customizing a sex doll RealDoll have pretty much written the book. There is no other sex doll manufacturer that offer such a huge number of options for your sex doll. Should there be anything you would like to change about this sex doll RealDoll have you covered.

It is possible to alter everything from her body size and shape to her hairstyle and color. Even her eyes and face can easily be changed. There is even the option of buying additional faces and hairpieces. This allows you to quickly and easily change your sex dolls appearance at will. It is like buying several sex dolls for the price of one.

You can check the best possible price for the The Natalie 2.0 Sex Doll here.

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