Laila 2.0 RealDoll Review

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This Laila 2.0 RealDoll review all started when I decided to take the plunge buy a high end sex doll. I was looking to buy a doll that ticked all my boxes. She had to be highly realistic, capable of performing all forms of sex, and someone I was highly attracted to.

When I came across the RealDoll website I was blown away with the realism of their products. As you might have guessed one particular doll stood out in their catalogue which has led to this Laila 2.0 RealDoll review.

Laila 2.0 RealDoll Review – Quick Look

Laila 2.0 RealDoll Review - Buy High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll For Sale

This Laila 2.0 RealDoll review looks at this high end sex doll. She is a highly realistic sex doll and is one of several preconfigured dolls that are produced by RealDoll. It is possible to have all forms of sex with this doll and she can be customized in countless ways. There are plenty of accessories available for this doll. These accessories can be bought with the sex doll or at a later date.

Website and Ordering

I will start this Laila 2.0 RealDoll review with my experience using the RealDoll website. The website is well designed and easy to navigate. You will find the catalogue of available sex dolls on the RealDoll site is super easy to browse with each doll having its own large image and name printed below the image. When you see a sex doll that you like simply click the picture and you will be taken to the product page of that doll.

Each product page is filled with high resolution images and information about the doll. You will find the dolls measurements alone with the chance to alter and customize the doll in any way you see fit. Once you are done customizing it is a simple case of adding the doll to the cart then arranging delivery and payment. It is possible to pay for your RealDoll using PayPal or most major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, America Express, and several others.


Over the years I have been lucky enough to own several sex dolls. Each of the love dolls I have owned I have purchased from different online shops. Some have been great and some have been not so great. Without any doubt what I have worried about most when buying a sex doll is confidentiality.

Laila 2.0 RealDoll Review - Buy High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll For Sale

I am sure I am not alone saying it would be a terrible situation to have a package delivered to my home and having everyone fully aware what was inside. I quickly discovered with RealDoll I had no reason to worry. This is a sex doll company which takes their customers privacy extremely seriously. Your credit card or bank statement makes no reference to sex dolls and the package you receive gives no indication that a sex doll is inside.

What let the delivery process down was that it costs a minimum of $400 to have a doll delivered. This is if you are living in the USA. If you happen to be living outside the USA you can expect to pay even more. There is also the fact that delivery will be only to the curb side and not to your front door. If you want the doll delivered to your door or to the inside of your house you can arrange with RealDoll, at extra cost, for this to happen.


Even just looking at a simple photo makes it easy to see why any Laila 2.0 RealDoll review would rate her appearance as perfect. In fact if you looked up the word perfect in the dictionary it would not surprise me to see a picture of Laila 2.0 there.

She has straight and long blonde hair with hypnotically seductive blue eyes. The way her makeup is done really enhances how beautiful her eyes are not to mention her facial features.

Laila 2.0 RealDoll Review - Buy High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll For Sale

The very first thing you notice about this high end sex doll is how realistic she looks. You will be forgiven if you ever need to give her a second glance just to double check she is a doll and not a real living woman. She really is that lifelike.

The reason this doll looks so realistic is thanks to her skin being manufactured from the highest quality silicone. This silicone is painted to absolute perfection. When you actually see these dolls in reality you will understand completely why they are so expensive.

Not only do these dolls look like a real woman they feel just like a real woman as well. Exactly what you would expect from such a high end sex doll.


Laila 2.0 is a somewhat petite sex doll standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall. She weighs between 70 and 75 lbs which, in my experience, is perfect for a sex doll. This is heavy enough to feel just like a real woman when in use. At the same time she is light enough to move around with relative ease.

Her breasts are perfect C-Cup’s which look and feel every bit as lifelike as the rest of her. Laila’s chest measures 33 inches combined with her 24 inch waist and 35 inch hips. These measurements give her the most perfect, feminine, and sexy figure. You could not ask for a more perfect figure for a trophy wife which is exactly what this beautiful doll looks like.


Laila 2.0 RealDoll Review - Buy High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll For Sale

There are several versions of skulls that are used for RealDoll products. Each skull uses what the company calls the Face X system. The company states that each skull version is compatible with every type of body they sell. It is worth nothing that although they are all compatible not all skulls look that good with each body. It is well worth considering this before purchasing a skull or face that is different from the preconfigured doll.

The main difference between the various skulls which are available is that some are complete heads whereas other are just the face which is held on by magnets. I was amazing to see that the magnets were difficult to find when the doll is fully assembled.

Each RealDoll skull allows you to alter the face, the hair, and the eyes. This is something I really like about my Laila 2.0 sex doll. Simply purchasing additional faces, hair, and eyes allows you to easily change the whole appearance of your doll. It is very much like you have purchased several sex dolls do the price of one.

Provides All Forms of Sex

When I first decided on this Laila 2.0 RealDoll review I must admit I was skeptical as to how real sex would feel with her. After all, it really would take something special to perfectly mimic the experience of being with a real woman. Other than finding this doll sexually attractive the fact she is able to offer all forms of sex is what closed the deal.

So, what is sex like with a sex doll? Well, firstly you are certainly going to need a good supply of lubrication. Obviously the technology for a self-lubricating sex doll is not available yet so the next best thing is suitable lubrication. I must admit I was extremely surprised with how real it felt having both vaginal and anal sex with this high end sex doll. In fact it is more than fair to say vaginal and anal sex with this doll felt as close to the real thing as you could ever hope for. Indistinguishable is one way to described it.

Laila 2.0 RealDoll Review - Buy High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll For Sale

Oral sex with a RealDoll is a little different. Yes, oral sex with a RealDoll is a pleasurable experience. However, because sex doll technology is not advanced enough yet it lacks the realism of a real blowjob. There is obviously no movement of the tongue and you have to thrust yourself. I could not help but feel that the oral sex option with this doll was a gimmick more than anything else. Fun, but not 100% realistic.

Removable Vagina

When I began this Laila 2.0 RealDoll review I really had not given much though to the fact it was fitted with a removable vagina. I have owned many sex dolls prior to this love doll but none of them were fitted with this feature. Having now experienced the benefits of a removable vagina I doubt I would buy a sex doll without one now.

The real benefit of the removable vagina is it makes cleaning the doll after use so much easier. Simply remove the vagina and head over to the sink. This is so, so much easier than trying to clean and dry a vagina that is permanently fixed in place.

When I first learned about the removable vagina I had two main concerns. Firstly I was worried that there might be visible join lines where the vagina met the body of the sex doll. Secondly I was concerned the vagina may move around when in use. The good news it I had no reason to worry. There is no way to tell the vagina is removable and it most certainly does not move when in use.

On the whole it is an extremely useful feature of these love dolls.

What I Love About the Laila 2.0 RealDoll

As you would suspect the most obvious thing that I love about this sex doll is that I am just so attracted to her. This is only possible because this doll is so highly realistic and lifelike. In fact it is fair to say that you really will find it a struggle to find any doll manufacturer that can produce such a realistic sex doll.

Laila 2.0 RealDoll Review - Buy High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll For Sale

I really love how the realism of the doll makes it so easy to treat her as a real companion. It really is so easy to develop an emotional connection with Laila because she looks so human. Once again this is a hugely positive aspect of these love dolls.

What I Do Not Love About the Laila 2.0 RealDoll

When it comes to things I do not like about my Laila 2.0 RealDoll I must point something out. The very few things I dislike are down to the available technology rather than the doll itself. I would have loved if the doll could self-lubricate and give a more realistic blowjob. When a doll looks and feels this lifelike you feel a little let down by the technological limitations of sex dolls.

I would have also really like to see these dolls delivered free of charge to the door. Of course I fully appreciate there is no such thing as a free lunch. If a company offers free shipping they undoubtedly make up for it in their markup.


In conclusion to this Laila 2.0 RealDoll review I cannot recommend this doll or dolls from this company enough. You will not find a higher quality or more realistic sex doll anywhere. I searched a long, long time for the perfect sex doll and there is not a single manufacturer or supplier that comes close to RealDoll.

If you are looking to buy the most realistic sex dolls in the world RealDoll is where your search should start and end. You will be amazed at every single inch of these dolls and you will find it so easy to build a strong bond with any of their dolls. These sex dolls are the perfect companion in every single way imaginable.

I honestly, from the bottom of my heart, can not recommend them enough.

Laila 2.0 RealDoll Review - Buy High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll For Sale

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