Dr. Beth Garner Sex Doll Fantasy

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Dr. Beth Garner Sex Doll Fantasy - Jeanne Tripplehorn Sex Doll - Jeanne Tripplehorn Stockings - Basic Instinct - Jeanne Tripplehorn NudeFor many guys the most arousing scene in the Basic Instinct movie did not feature Sharon Stone. It featured super sexy brunette Jeanne Tripplehorn who portrayed Dr. Beth Garner. This is why many guys love the prospect of a Dr. Beth Garner sex doll fantasy. Just imagine role playing that super hot scene from Basic Instinct. All you really need is a celebrity lookalike Jeanne Tripplehorn sex doll.

Your Dr. Beth Garner sex doll fantasy could have you arriving with her at her apartment. As your Jeanne Tripplehorn sex doll turns around to face you an uncontrollable urge has you grab her, pushing her up against the wall. You begin exploring her body as as she kisses you back. The urges become even stronger as you rip off her shirt and bra exposing her perfect breasts. You reach down to her legs, pulling up her skirt you realise she is wearing sheer nylon stockings as you move your hand up the back of her thigh lifting her leg as you feel her ass.

She is both nervous and excited.

You grab her again and fall back onto another wall, Jeanne Tripplehorn leaning with her back to you. You begin reaching around to play with her exposed breasts, your hands begin to teasingly explore her vagina as you lift up her skirt even further exposing the  bib tops of her stockings.

Now, as things reach a climax, you move your lookalike Jeanne Tripplehorn as doll near a sofa or table and bend her over. She struggles a bit while still being turned on by your forcefulness. Once she is bent over you rip off her panties exposing a perfect rear view of her ass and pussy. Now you thrust inside her, fucking her bent over.

This Basic Instinct porn parody role play could finish with you lying in a spoon position with your sex doll. Her stockings are pulled down a little from the rough sex.

You will need smart office based clothing for this Basic Instinct fantasy. Jeanne Tripplehorn wears mainly brown in this scene. A brown shirt and shirt, tight skirt. The lingerie you dress your doll in should also be a matching brown. Most importantly you will need a pair of black sheer stockings and a pair of high heels.

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