TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls

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TPE Vs Silicone Sex Dolls - What is the Best Type of Sex Doll - Is TPE Better than Silicone

When you finally decide to buy a sex doll you find yourself wondering which material is going to be best. Here we are going to look at TPE vs silicone sex dolls and decide which is the better of the two.

TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls – Which is Better?

The simply fact is that when it comes to TPE vs silicone sex dolls there is no clear winner. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. It very much depends on what you are going to use your sex doll for. Here we look and the pros and cons of both materials.

TPE Advantages

Nowadays it certainly seems that TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) has taken over as the material of choice for sex dolls. This is simply down to its many advantages that it holds over silicone.

Firstly, and probably most importantly, TPE is a much cheaper material than silicone. This means you will always pay less for a TPE sex doll over a silicone doll. When you consider a TPE sex doll is usually at least $1,000 cheaper than a silicone doll it is easy to understand why this is the material of choice for most manufacturers.

Another wonderful attribute of TPE is that is is softer than most materials and can be stretched. Regardless of how many times you stretch this material in an instance it will return to its original shape and size. You could not ask for a better material for use as a sex doll skin. It can quite literally hold any position you throw at it because it is so flexible.

TPE is also hypoallergenic which means it will not cause any allergic reactions.

What Does TPE Feel Like?

Most people will say they have no idea what TPE is or what it feels like. The easiest way to describe what TPE feels like is to give an example or a product most people will have encountered without realising it is made from TPE.

Most of us have encountered rubber bouncy toys for sale in toy shops all over the country. Well, in most cases these toys are made from low quality TPE. Your sex doll will be made from high quality TPE. You can probably already imagine how realistic and lifelike a TPE sex doll will feel.

TPE Disadvantages

For all the hugely positive things about a TPE sex doll there are unfortunately a few disadvantages.

In my opinion the biggest disadvantage of TPE is that it stains easily and such stains can be very hard to remove. By its very nature TPE is a very porous material. This makes it difficult to clean so be prepared to spend extra time cleaning the anal and vaginal cavities every time you use it. You really do not want to risk mold on your sex doll.

There is also the fact TPE can be a sticky material especially after cleaning. This is something that can be resolved with baby powder but it can still be a pain.

It is also worth pointing out that TPE is only just resistant to heat and water. If you plan on taking a bath or a shower with your sex doll you may want to consider a silicone sex doll. Yes, you can bathe with a TPE sex doll. However, the more times you do this the higher the risk of damage.

Silicone Advantages

While TPE appears to be the material of choice silicone still excels in certain areas. Firstly silicone is so easy to clean which makes it perfect if you want a sex doll that is as maintenance free as possible. It is also nowhere near as sticky as TPE so you will not need to keep a good supply of baby powder.

Silicone is also much more tolerant to heat and water which makes a silicone sex doll the perfect choice if you want to bathe with your doll.

The biggest advantage that silicone has over TPE is that dolls made from this material tend to be much more realistic. When you see a silicone sex doll you cannot help but notice how every last detail looks perfect. Silicone sex dolls certainly have the most lifelike genitals.

Just like TPE silicone is a hypoallergenic material.

Silicone Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage of a silicone sex doll is that it is a somewhat hard material. If you were to shake a silicone sex doll the breasts and butt would fail to wobble. For many people this is a hug issue. If this is something that is likely to bother you we would highly recommend a silicone sex doll that uses gel in the breasts and butt. Yes, this will add to the overall price of a silicone sex doll but it really will be money well spent. Especially if you are going to buy a sex doll for its realism.

Another huge disadvantage if you were to buy a silicone sex doll is the price. You will pay at least $1,000 more for a silicone sex doll over a TPE sex doll.


When it comes to deciding which material wins in this TPE vs silicone sex dolls debate the decision really does come down to your own individual needs. You will most certainly need to decide on a budget before you do anything else. If you can only afford $1,000 you will most certainly be looking to buy a TPE sex doll.

Once you have your budget set you can decide exactly what you want to do with your doll. Do you want to take a bath with it or simply use it for sex? Are you looking for a highly realistic high end sex doll?

Take the time to consider all the advantages and disadvantages then decide which will be right for your own personal need.

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