Catherine Tramell Sex Doll Fantasy

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Catherine Tramell Sex Doll Fantasy - Sharon Stone Sex Doll - Basic InstinctJust imagine if you were able to buy a realistic celebrity Sharon Stone sex doll. Would a Catherine Tramell sex doll fantasy based on the movie Basic Instinct not be the most heavenly role plays ever?

Just imagine the various super sexy scenes you could role play for a Catherine Tramell sex doll fantasy. And with two Basic Instinct movies to choose from we would imagine your Sharon Stone sex doll would get some serious use.

So, which Basic Instinct scenes could you role play with your celebrity love doll? How about you start at the beginning by recreating the scene in a he club. The scene where Sharon Stone dances with her lesbian lover only to go home with Detective Nick Curran portrayed by Michael Douglas. Just imagine the intensity of being unable to stop but, in the same breath, being terrified Catherine Tramell is about to stab you with an ice pick. This could be the perfect role play for you and your celebrity sex doll if you are partial to a little femdom.

Of course you could go back to basics and recreate the famous leg crossing scene. You could dress your celebrity love doll in a white mini dress and position her so her legs are open and you can see she is not wearing any panties.

Maybe you would prefer recreating a scene from Basic Instinct 2. Perhaps the scene where Sharon Stone wraps a belt around Michael Glass neck just as he is about to climax. Alternatively you could role play the scene where Catherine Tramell teases Michael Glass. She sits on the chair, spreads her legs, then begins to tease him by telling her she makes herself cum thinking about him making himself cum while thinking about her.

You are certainly going to need a smoking hot blonde sex doll for this Basic Instinct sex doll porn parody. Ideally you will need a sex doll with great legs and wearing high heels. The rest of the clothing you choose is purely down to what you found most attractive in the movies.

You can find a huge selection of suitable celebrity love dolls for this fantasy here.

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