Catwoman Sex Doll Fantasy

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Catwoman Sex Doll Fantasy - Selina Kyle Sex Doll - Anne Hathaway Sex Doll - Anne Hathaway Pantyhose - Anne Hathaway StockingsAny true Batman fan will love the idea of a Catwoman sex doll fantasy. Just imagine the fun you would have with your very own Anne Hathaway sex doll.

For your Catwoman sex doll fantasy you can take it n the role of Batman or Bruce Wayne. Your Anne Hathaway sex doll then takes on the role of Catwoman. She could even take on the role in f the characters alter ego, Selina Kyle. Either way just think how wonderful this fantasy could be. Your chance to have Anne Hathaway wearing sheer nylon stockings or pantyhose as Selina Kyle or in her leather catsuit as Catwoman. What is not to love about the prospect of this?

Just imagine all those teasing scenes in The Dark Knight Rises movie. Whether Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle or as Catwoman. This is your chance to enjoy the characters playful and teasing nature. Maybe you could even take things that little bit further and role play your very own Batman XXX porn parody.

When it comes to clothing for this fantasy you could not ask for anything sexier. Whether you go down the road of Catwoman or opt for Selina Kyle you are in for a real treat. One thing for sure is that Anne Hathaway looks as sexy as ever throughout The Dark Knight Rises.

The easiest of these costumes is Catwoman. It is so easy to buy a readymade Catwoman costume. Such costumes are even 100% movie accurate. You would simply need to add a pair of suitable knee high stiletto high heel boots.

Should you choose to have your Anne Hathaway sex doll as Selina Kyle you will need a few extra items.

In the movie Anne Hathaway wears a pair of black high heels with sheer black nylon pantyhose or stockings. It is your own personal preference as to whether you choose to dress your doll in stockings or pantyhose.

You will also need a black formal suit complete with a pencil skirt which hangs just above the knees of your doll when she is stood up.  There is also the option of a separate black pencil skirt and suitable black formal jacket. The look of the Selina Kyle character is then finished off with a pair of black cateye sunglasses, a black hat, and a black bag.

Once you have either of these outfits sorted (you could even choose both) you are ready to enjoy your Catwoman sex doll fantasy with your very own Anne Hathaway sex doll.

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