Secretary Sex Doll Fantasy

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Secretary Sex Doll Fantasy - Sexy Secretary Stockings - Sexy Sexy Secretary Pantyhose - Sexy Secretary Legs - Sexy Secretary ShoeplayThe secretary sex doll fantasy is certainly one of the most popular role plays around. In fact it is probably more than fair to say the secretary sex doll fantasy is actually the most popular role play ever. For the majority of guys and sex doll owners this classic role play is as arousing as it gets.

There is so much fun to be had with this role play. With this fantasy there are so many different options for you to explore.

Perhaps you are simply sat in the office and enjoying sneaking little glimpses of your doll. Maybe you are hypnotised by her killer sexy legs and the way she performs some shoeplay. Imagine her high heels dangling from her toes and the view of those pretty feet.

Of course I this is just the beginning of the thing you can act out. What if you were the boss and your sex doll was your secretary. Imagine the fun you could have fucking her right there on the desk in your office.

You could even take on the role of the office employee. Instead of a sexy secretary your doll could be the boss who demands sex from you in order for you to keep your job. The clothing would still be very much based on a business woman or office girl.

When it comes to dressing your love doll for this fantasy you really will have fun. How about a tight fitting, white shirt. Combine this with some sexy black lingerie and you are in for a real treat.

What about a smart looking shirt skirt. A skirt that rides up her legs when she sits down revealing the top of her thighs. How about a pair of sheer black stockings. Who does not love a pair of nylon stockings on a sexy secretary. The look can then be finished with a pair of high heels.

Obviously everyone will have their own idea on what makes the perfect office girl. So be creative and always remember the great thing about owning a sex doll is you can act out your fantasies over and over. She will never get bored and will always be willing.

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