Eyes Wide Shut Sex Doll Fantasy

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Eyes Wide Shut Sex Doll Fantasy - Buy the Best Celebrity Sex Dolls Online CheapAnyone who has ever dreamt about attending a sex orgy will love the idea of an Eyes Wide Shut sex doll fantasy. This could be your once in a lifetime chance to attend an elite style sex party just like it is seen in the Eyes Wide Shut movie.

It would certainly be a tempting prospect if you owned a redhead Nicole Kidman sex doll. However if you want a true Eyes Wide Shut sex doll fantasy, your own personal elite sex party, it is worth remembering that Nicole Kidman does not feature in those particular movie scenes.

Ideally you would need to be lucky enough to own several and dolls for your elite sex party. However even if you own just one doll you could still perform this role play. If you do own just one sex doll your role play could be constructed where you have taken a sexy masked girl to a private room for the purposes of sex.

On the other hand if you do own more than one sex doll you really can have your very own elite orgy. Just imagine how heavenly divine it would be to walk around the room, beautiful naked women everywhere. Women who are all there for the exact same reason as you. Sex!

For this role play you could dress in a tuxedo combined with a formal hooded cape. Just like Tom Cruise in the movie. Of course you will also need a classy looking mask to wear. After all you may as well be completely in character.

When it comes to dressing your sex dolls you could not ask for anything easier. A simple pair of high heels, a sophisticated hooded cloak, a mask, and maybe a pair of sexy panties. This would perfectly replicate the look of the women who attend the elite sexy party in the movie.

Since this is your very own elite sexy party the good news is you can be sure all your sexual fantasies will come true. Including sex with more than just one girl at a time.

Have fun!

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