Vivian Ward Sex Doll Fantasy

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Vivian Ward Sex Doll Fantasy - Julia Roberts Sex Doll - Pretty Woman Sex Doll - Pretty Woman Porn ParodyIf you love 90’s nostalgia you may well love trying out a Vivian Ward sex doll fantasy based on the character from Pretty Woman. Simply the idea of a lookalike Julia Roberts sex doll wearing that iconic sexy outfit with those thigh high boots is enough to make most men feel weak at the knees.

There are plenty of super hot scenes in Pretty Woman which would make a great role play for your Vivian Ward sex doll fantasy.

Maybe you could role play that first encounter where Edward Lewis, portrayed by Richard Gere, first meets Vivian Ward. You and your celebrity lookalike Julia Roberts sex doll could find yourself back in your posh hotel room. You can take on the role of the rich multi-millionaire who pays for the entire night. You could sit and watch as Julia Roberts takes off her high heel thigh high boots and sheer stockings. Then, when she sees you lusting in her direction, she comes over and kneels between your legs to get things started with a blowjob.

On the other hand you may prefer a more

Intimate scene from the movie. How about the scene where Richard Gere’s character plays piano in the hotel and Vivian Ward joins him. He asks the restaurant staff to leave and Julia Roberts avoids intimate kiss on the lips by lying back allowing him access to every inch of her sex body.

Ideally you will need a thin, well toned sex doll for your personal Pretty Woman XXX porn parody. It would be perfect if you owned two hair pieces for your sex doll. A blonde bobbed wig and a longer curly brunette wig. This will allow you to explore any scene in the movie.

Your doll should be dressed in the same iconic dress worn by Julia Roberts in the movie. The good news is that lots of shops sell fancy dress versions6  of this costume. Of course you will need to add a pair of black sheer stockings and a pair of high heel, thigh high boots.

You can check out a huge range of sex dolls that would be ideal for this fantasy here.

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