Dr. Julia Harris Sex Doll Fantasy

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Dr. Julia Harris Sex Doll Fantasy - Jennifer Aniston Sex Doll - Horrible Bosses Porn Parody - Jennifer Aniston StockingsFans of Jennifer Aniston who would love to own a celebrity lookalike Jennifer Aniston sex doll will love this role play idea. A Dr. Julia Harris sex doll fantasy based on the actresses and role in the Horrible Bosses movies.

The first Horrible Bosses movie certainly has several scenes for you to role play as part of your Dr. Julia Harris sex doll fantasy. The first could be based around the scene where Dr. Julia Harris sprays water on Dale’s crotch. Maybe you could create a role play where your Jennifer Aniston sex doll and you make love right there in the dentists room. On the other hand you could choose a little femdom and explore a role play where Jennifer Aniston has you sedated and has her way with you.

Of course other scenes that would be great to role play. How about that scene where Jennifer Aniston is wearing stockings and sexy lingerie while eating provocatively at the window.

The best scene would undoubtedly be when Dr. Julia Harris walks in to be office only to find Jennifer Aniston wearing stockings, high heels, and her lab coat which is open at the front. She locks the door to stop you leaving. Surely the idea of role playing this scene will appeal.

The clothing you choose for your sex doll to wear for this fantasy very much depends on the scene. You will most certainly need skin or black colored sheer stockings and a pair of high heels. A white lab coat will almost certainly be needed.

It is worth pointing out here that there are several doll for sale that bare an unintentional resemblance to Jennifer Aniston. If this sounds appealing you should most certainly check out RealDoll and their Brooklyn 1.0 sex doll here. There are also love dolls from WM Doll which you can see here.

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