Taylor Swift Sex Doll

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Sadly, if you are looking to buy a Taylor Swift sex doll you are out of luck. Well, you are out of luck in the official sense. The simple truth is that a Taylor Swift sex doll may well be the holy grail of celrbity sex dolls there is pretty much no chance the singer would ever authorize her likeness to be used for such a product

With that said it is worth noting that there are sex dolls for sale that have an unintentional likeness to her. These dolls with an unintentional likeness are pretty much as close as we will ever come to being able to buy a real Taylor Swift Sex doll.

The obvious question you are all asking now is – where can you buy an unintentional lookalike Taylor Swift sex doll? You currently have two options that look very similar to the popular blonde singer. Both options have been designed and manufactured by 6YE Doll.

Taylor Swift Sex Doll – Option 1

Taylor Swift Sex Doll For Sale - Celebrity Sex Dolls For Sale - Realistic Sex Doll

Our first choice of Taylor Swift sex doll happens to be different to what you will usually find when you search the internet. In the majority of cases you will find a completely different 6YE Doll with the suggestion it unintentionally looks like the singer. For us this doll has a much greater likeness than anything else we have seen. This is especially true when it comes to the all important facial features.

Taylor Swift is well known for being tall, somewhere between 5 feet 10 and f feet 11. This celebrity sex doll is a little shorter standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing approximately 77 lbs. This is, as you would expect, somewhat lighter than the real celebrity. However it happens to be a perfect weight for a sex doll. Heavy enough to feel just like the real thing when in use but light enough to move around with relative ease.

Another notable difference between the singer and this celebrity sex doll is her measurements. Taylor Swift has B-Cup breasts while this doll has larger D-Cup breasts. The doll is also noticeably skinnier than Taylor Swift. This doll has a 24.02 inch under bust with a 20.47 inch waist and 33.46 inch hips.

While any likeness between this Taylor Swift sex doll and the actual singer is purely coincidental this really is as close as you could ever hope. This is a highly realistic sex doll, has a super sexy figure, and has facial features with a distinct likeness to everyones favorite blonde singer.

Taylor Swift Sex Doll – Option 2

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Our second choice of Taylor Swift sex doll is undoubtedly the 6YE Doll that you will see everywhere else. Personally, we feel this doll looks a little less like the singer especially in the facial features.

There is definite resemblance only it is not as strong as with the previous doll.

This celebrity sex doll has much, much larger breasts than the singers B-Cup’s. With this doll you get perfectly formed and ultra realistic F-Cup breasts. Perfect if you like your girls with huge breasts.

This celebrity love doll is quite a bit shorter than the singer standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 77 lbs.

Her bust measures 33 inches combined with a 22 inch waist and 34 inch hips. These measurements are closer to those of the real singer than our previous choice of Taylor Swift sex doll.


The bottom line is that when it comes to choosing a celebrity sex doll only you can decide which is the best for you. Everyone will see different similarities between a celebrity love doll and the real person.

In our opinion if you are looking for a love doll with strong facial similarities then our first choice of doll is ideal for you. If you are happy to buy a doll that looks similar to the singer but has much bigger breasts than the singer then our second choice of doll is the perfect choice for you.

Both dolls are highly realistic, both are priced similar, and both can provide you with all forms of sex. Which you decide to buy is down to you.

Taylor Swift Sex Doll For Sale - Celebrity Sex Dolls For Sale - Realistic Sex Doll

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