Ariana Grande Sex Doll

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The prospect of being able to buy a Ariana Grande sex doll is a truly wonderful thing. The problem is, as is the case with all celebrity sex dolls, celebrities are unlikely to ever give permission for a sex doll to be made in their likeness.

Ariana Grande Sex Doll

The good news is that while you might never get to buy an official Ariana Grande sex doll you still have options. It is indeed possible to buy a sex doll that unintentionally looks very similar to the singer.

What Would An Ariana Grande Sex Doll Look Like

Although the singer has been seen with blonde hair for a doll to resemble her ideally it should have dark brown hair. You should be looking for a doll with similar facial features and a doll that should be 5 feet 3 inches tall just like the singer. It is rumoured that Ariana Grande weighs somewhere around 105 lbs although it is not essential that a doll should weigh the same.

The celebrity love doll should have small breasts. Ariana Grande has A-Cup breasts. Her chest measures 32 inches with a 24 inch waist and 32 inch hips.

Ariana Grande Sex Doll – Option 1

Ariana Grande Sex Doll For Sale - Celebrity Sex Dolls For Sale

The first choice for this celebrity sex doll is this brunette from WM Doll.

As you can see this celebrity sex doll has many similarities to the singer but also has a few differences. This doll has B-Cup breasts which are a cup size larger than the singers.

Her body measurements are very similar with this doll having a 31 inch bust combined with 22.8 waist and33.8 inch hips.

The most notable difference between this sex doll and Ariana Grande the height. As we have already stated Ariana is quite a petite woman. This sex doll is quite tall standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

The doll is weighs around 82 lbs which is slightly slighter than the real singer. Although this sex doll is lighter than the real singer it is worth noting that this is indeed an ideal weight for a doll. It is heavy enough to feel very much like a real woman when in use. It is also light enough to be able to move around with relative ease. This is particularly useful when you are positioning your doll or moving it to wherever you happen to store it.

Ariana Grande Sex Doll – Option 2

Ariana Grande Sex Doll For Sale - Celebrity Sex Dolls For Sale

This second option which could be used as a celebrity sex doll is also designed and manufactured by WM Doll. In fact this doll has the exact same head as our first suggestion. It is the body of this doll that is somewhat different to both the singer and the previous option of doll.

This is a petite sex doll which stands at a mere 5 feet tall, a height that is much more accurate to the real singers height. The doll weighs 102 lbs which is also much closer Ariana Grande’s actual weight.

It is here that the similarities between this sex doll and the singer end. This doll is much thicker in body and legs than the real singer. It also has much larger breasts that are M-Cups.

The bust on this doll measures 35.5 inches combined with a 20.5 inch waist and 45 inch hips. These measurements give the doll a much curvy figure than the singer.

Whether you choose the first option or this second option will likely come down to your own personal preferences. If you prefer a tall and slender woman then the fist option will be better suited. This second option is more suited if you prefer curvy girls with huge big breasts.

Ariana Grande Sex Doll – Option 3

This third option is a celebrity sex doll that has also been designed and manufactured by WM Doll.

Ariana Grande Sex Doll For Sale - Celebrity Sex Dolls For Sale

The first thing that makes this doll somewhat different to the singer is the height.

This doll is a fair bit taller than the real Ariana Grande standing a lifelike 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 84 lbs.

The breasts on this doll are highly realistic and large D-Cups that feel every bit as realistic as they look. Obviously, these are somewhat larger than the singers A-Cup breasts.

The doll has a 35 inch bust combined with a 24 inch waist and 34.5 inch hips. These measurements are somewhat similar to the singers although the hips are a touch wider.


If you are wanting to buy a Ariana Grande sex doll as you can see there are plenty of options. Those options are not just limited to the celebrity sex dolls featured here. There are many highly realistic sex dolls available some of them with a more accurate likeness to the singer than you have seen here. You can check more options to buy an Ariana Grande sex doll here.

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