Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll Review

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Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Blonde Sex Doll

Given that you are reading this Quinn 1.0 sex doll review, it is safe to assume that you are considering purchasing a sex doll. More specifically, you are considering purchasing a high-end Real Doll sex doll.

This is the short response to your question about whether a Real Doll sex doll is value for money. Indeed, Real Doll sex dolls are a great investment. You get what you pay for in life, as with everything else. Sex dolls are no different, thus there is no substitute for a Real Doll if you want to get one of the greatest, most expensive, and most realistic sex dolls available. They truly are the world’s best sex dolls.

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On the other hand, if you care to know why these sex dolls are considered to be the best in the world, you can continue reading this Quinn 1.0 sex doll review.

Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll Review – Quick Look


Quinn 1.0 is a gorgeous, incredibly lifelike, premium silicone sex doll that was created and produced by Real Doll. For those of you who don’t know, Real Doll sex dolls are often regarded as the best available.

This highly realistic sex doll has beautiful blonde hair and immensely attractive. She is as close to your dream girl as you could ever hope of meeting.

Highly Realistic, Beautiful and Very Sexy

I was continually astounded by how alive and realistic Quinn 1.0 is during the entire evaluation process. She continues to be so simple to confuse for a genuine woman even after several months of use. It is difficult to fathom the amount of effort and talent required to create these Real Doll sex dolls in order to make them so incredibly realistic.

Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Blonde Sex Doll

She is remarkable for more reasons than simply how lifelike she is as a sex doll. Additionally, this sex doll is quite attractive and seductive. It would be impossible not to stare at her if she were a genuine woman you spotted on the street. She actually is absurdly lovely and seductive.

Once you look into her hypnotically seductive blue eyes you will truly know what it is like to fall in love. Believe it or not but this sex doll really will put a spell on you.

You can check out more photos of this beautiful high end sex doll by clicking here.

Height and Weight

The lifelike height of this stunning blonde sex doll is 5 feet 3 inches. This high class sex doll from Real Doll is perfect for any of the many men out there who enjoy the company of small women.

She is significantly lighter than you may anticipate a genuine woman of her height to be at 75 pounds. But it has consistently been demonstrated that this weight is ideal for a sex doll. When she uses it, it is weighty enough to make her feel exactly like a genuine woman. You will definitely feel as though she is a real woman when you are making love to her or cuddling with her.

But when it comes to transporting her around, you will be happy that she is a little lighter. It would be incorrect to imply that any sex doll is simple. However, moving her is lot simpler at 75 pounds than it would be at more than 100 lbs.

Body Measurements

Throughout the entire course of this Quinn 1.0 sex doll review Her attractive physique made me swoon. She has a slim, feminine frame that is toned. the kind of female form that, upon first glance, may easily leave you feeling weak in the knees. It will be difficult for you to keep your hands and eyes off of her.

She has a 35-inch hip circumference, a 24-inch waist, and a 33-inch bust. She has the ideal hourglass body thanks to these measurements.

Her breasts are wonderfully formed C-Cup breasts that mimic genuine breasts in both appearance and feel. I genuinely doubt anyone could tell the difference between these and a pair of actual breasts because they feel so convincing. They truly are astonishingly lifelike.

Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Blonde Sex Doll

Knowing her dress size is important if you are already picturing the gorgeous costumes and garments you could dress this high end sex doll in. She looks amazing in small or between a size 2 and a size 4 apparel.

Best Ever Foot Fetish Sex Doll

This sex doll is your dream come true if you’re one of the numerous men out there who enjoys attractive female feet and lovely legs. She has gorgeous feet and the sexiest legs ever. She will impress you whether her legs are covered in pantyhose or nylon stockings.

The man who has a fetish for feet finds her feet to be just as seductive. This foot fetish sex doll will blow your mind with her gorgeous size 8 feet, whether you prefer bare feet or a woman wearing high heels.

You can check out close ups of her beautiful feet and sexy legs by clicking here.

Can Offer All Forms of Sex

The whole point of buying a sex doll, certainly in the beginning, is to have sex with her. In its simplest form a sex doll is basically a very high end sex toy. As you would therefore expect one of the most common questions people have about sex dolls is about the type of sex you can have with a sex doll.

Real Doll sex dolls are capable of having all forms of sex with you. They can have vaginal, anal and oral sex. You can also enjoy the most divine footjob and handjob from a Real Doll sex doll. You can even have your penis between her breasts.

A RealDoll sex doll will always be willing and always be ready to satisfy your kinkiest sexual desires. She will never ever turn you down and will never ever have a headache. When you consider all of this it becomes easy to understand why many men think that a sex doll is so much better than a real woman.

What is it Like to Have Sex With Her

Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Blonde Sex Doll

At this point in this Quinn 1.0 sex doll review I would imagine you are wondering what it feels like to have sex with her.

It feels just like you are having sex with a real woman, to put it simply.

You won’t be able to tell the difference between being inside this sex doll and a real lady unless you have a lot of lubricant, so be prepared.

This high class sex doll is incredible for more reasons than just the fact that she feels like a real lady. Your penis appears to be sliding inside her vagina, just like a real woman would. When she blows you off, it’s the same thing. Her mouth resembles the mouth of a real lady doing oral sex on you.

You really do have to experience sex with Real Doll for yourself to truly appreciate how realistic and wonderful these sex dolls are. You will most certainly not be disappointed.

Position in Any Pose Imaginable

Sex dolls have their very own skeleton, just like a real woman. The majority of sex dolls feature an articulated skeleton.

The skeleton of Real Doll sex dolls has joints that can move in all the same places as a real human skeleton. This enables you to place a Real Doll in any conceivable lifelike attitude. It also implies that you can sex with her in whatever position you can think of. A Real Doll is more than capable, whether it’s a straightforward missionary position or some sort of sexual gymnastics over the edge of your bed.

In this Quinn 1.0 sex doll review, what truly stuck out was the fact that she was incredibly genuine and realistic in every pose and position. Having owned numerous sex dolls over the years, I’ve noticed that some stances cause other sex dolls to lose their realism. With a Real Doll, this is not the case. The fact that they are so valuable further justifies your investment in them.

Customize Every Part of Her

Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Blonde Sex Doll

The ability to customize Real Doll sex dolls to an absurd degree is one of its best features. You may easily adjust any part of a sex doll to suit your preferences if there is something about it that you would like to be different.

Real Doll does far more than just alter the sex dolls’ faces and hair. They basically let you modify everything. Her skin tone, body shape, breast size, eye color, pubic hair, vagina type and shape, fingernails, nipple color and shape, lips, and a host of other features are all customizable.

With so many choices, you may essentially create your own unique sex doll from start. You can genuinely create the best, most ideal sex doll ever for your own needs.

It is important to note that you may purchase extra sex doll heads and faces separately with hair accessories. Any high-end sex doll you purchase from them can have its appearance entirely altered thanks to this. It resembles purchasing multiple sex dolls for the price of one in many ways.

You can check out the huge range of additional sex doll faces and hair pieces on offer from Real Doll by clicking here.

Lifelike Silicon Skin

One of two substances is used to create sex doll skin. either TPE or silicone. The majority of sex dolls on the market nowadays have skin composed of TPE. This is due to the fact that TPE provides many of the benefits of silicone at a significantly lower price. As a result, a TPE sex doll will typically be far less expensive than a silicone sex doll.

TPE sex dolls are less expensive than their silicone counterparts, but there are some drawbacks as well. Due to TPE’s modest porosity, showering with this kind of sex doll might be challenging. Additionally, it implies that a TPE sex doll may develop stains that are impossible to remove.

Most importantly you will find TPE sex dolls are never as realistic as a silicone sex doll.

All of the sex dolls made by Real Doll are made with the best quality silicone. This is only one of the factors that contribute to Real Dolls’ incredibly realistic appearance and behavior. Real Doll sex dolls can withstand significantly more damage than a TPE substitute because they have silicone skin.

Highest Quality Materials

Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Blonde Sex Doll

The very best quality extends beyond the silicone skin alone. A Real Doll sex doll is made entirely of the highest-quality materials. You can know a Real Doll is high-quality the instant you see it or touch it.

The quality of the joints in these sex dolls is what really sticks out. I have always had joint problems since I have owned so many Chinese sex dolls throughout the years. When they are brand-new, they are either too stiff, or after a few months, they start to get loose.

With sex dolls from Real Doll, this is not the case. I’ve had the good fortune to work with various Real Doll items over extended periods of time. The joints still feel sturdy even after being used for months with the doll.

These high-end sex dolls are fantastic since they are made to last. A Real Doll sex doll may last you a lifetime with the right maintenance. You essentially get what you pay for, according to the proverb. This is unquestionably accurate when you purchase a sex doll.

Handmade by Experts

Sex dolls this lifelike could not possibly be mass produced on an assembly line. Cheaper Chinese sex dolls are not even close to being as realistic as those made by Real Doll for this same reason.

The top artisans in the world handcraft each and every Real Doll sex doll individually. Each and every sex doll is made with amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Take a look at the insane level of skill and detail that goes into each Real Doll by clicking here.

Easy to Clean

Everyone would probably agree that cleaning sex toys is the worst part of using them. Having owned numerous sex dolls over the years, I can attest that I have always found them to be the most difficult to maintain.

Having said that, I must admit that when I had to clean Quinn 1.0 at the beginning of this review, I was pleasantly impressed. She is by far the simplest sex doll to clean that I have ever handled. This is mostly because she has removable orifices, which make thorough cleaning much simpler. The fact that her face and hair can be cut off is also advantageous. Her body can be readily cleaned after use because the silicone that makes up her skin is non-porous.

Shipping and Delivery

When purchasing a sex doll for the first time, customers frequently worry about delivery. Few individuals would value receiving a sizable parcel with the words “SEX DOLL” emblazoned on the side.

The good news is that Real Doll takes seriously their responsibility to protect their clients’ privacy. You will receive your Real Doll sex doll in an unmarked wooden crate during delivery. There won’t be any writing or markings on the crate identifying what is inside. No one other than you will be able to access the contents of the box until you do so in the privacy of your own home.

You can read more about Real Doll’s shipping process by clicking here.


If you are looking to buy a high end, highly realistic sex doll there is simply nothing that can compete with a Real Doll. They really are the very best sex dolls in the world.

Yes, they do cost that little bit more than their Chinese counterparts. But that will be money well spent when you consider that how a Real Doll sex doll can last you a lifetime. This is before you even start considering how lifelike and beautiful these sex dolls are.

If you buy a Real Doll sex doll it really will be the very best purchase of your life. In no way will you be disappointed.

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Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Blonde Sex Doll

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