Nurse Sex Doll

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Anyone looking to buy a sexy naughty nurse sex doll will be undoubtedly want to live out this hugely popular sexual fantasy.  The fun you could have with realistic and highly attractive sexy nurse sex doll will blow your mind. Just imagine how sexy she would look wearing a nurses uniform combined with a pair of sheer white stockings and a pair of high heels. You will certainly find yourself running a temperature.

Here are, in our opinion, the best choices for a sexy naughty nurse sex doll.

Nurse Sex Doll – Option One

Buy a Nurse Sex Doll - Nurse Sex Doll For Sale - Fantasy Sex Doll Cheap and Realistic

If a realistic and lifelike product is important to you this stunningly attractive blonde is our number one suggestion.

This beautiful blonde sex doll is called Laila 2.0 and, as you can see, has a mature MILF look to her. She has the most smoking hot body, highly attractive facial features, with legs and feet that out of this world. This is especially true when you dress her in a pair of stockings and high heels. Perfect for a naughty nurse sex doll.

This doll is a creation from a manufacturer called RealDoll. This company has an excellent reputation and is well known for producing the most lifelike sex dolls in the world. Each and every single doll they create is super realistic. In fact the majority of creations by RealDoll are very easily mistaken for real women. They really are that lifelike.

Laila 2.0 stands a somewhat petite height of 5 feet 3 inches tall. She weighs between 70 and 75 lbs which makes her pretty easy to move around and position. Something that will certainly appeal if you are concerned about your own ability to move a sex doll on your own.

She has the most perfectly sculpted C-Cup breasts which feel every inch as realistic as they look. You really could not ask for a more perfect pair of breasts on a doll.

Her bust measures 33 inches while her waist measures 24 inches and her hips measure 35 inches.

Nurse Sex Doll – Option Two

Buy a Nurse Sex Doll - Nurse Sex Doll For Sale - Fantasy Sex Doll Cheap and Realistic

It will undoubtedly come as little surprise to see our second suggestion for a nurse sex doll is also a creation from RealDoll. As you can see this is another high end highly realistic sex doll. Yet again it would be so very easy to mistake this doll for a real woman. She really is that lifelike in every way conceivable. The fact she can offer you all forms of sex, vaginal, oral, and anal, makes this, like all RealDoll products, the very best choice.

This doll has been given the name Michelle 4.0. She is, as you will have guessed from the name, the forth version of this preconfigured RealDoll product.

Michelle 4.0 stands a somewhat petite 5 feet 3 inches tall. She weighs somewhere between 70 and 75 lbs depending on the cusomtizations you decide to add to this doll. You really could not ask for a better weight for a sex doll.

This doll has C-Cup breasts which can only be described as perfect. You really will not believe hot lifelike her breasts look and feel. In fact we would challenge anyone to tell the difference between the breasts on this doll and the real thing.

She has a 33 inch bust with a 24 inch waist and 35 inch hips. You really could not have a more perfectly sexy looking doll. Every last inch of her is pure perfection. Her legs, feet, her body, and her drop dead gorgeous looks are divine. Just wait till you see her wearing that nurse uniform with white stockings and high heels. You will find yourself feeling weak at the knees.

Nurse Sex Doll – Option Three

Buy a Nurse Sex Doll - Nurse Sex Doll For Sale - Fantasy Sex Doll Cheap and Realistic

This sexy looking blonde is our first suggestion for a sexy nurse sex doll that has not been created by RealDoll. This doll is from a sex doll manufacturer called WM Doll, one of the industries most popular manufacturers. They certainly have the widest, most varied range of sex doll products available.

What really makes WM Doll stand out in the crowd is the price of their dolls. They manage to produce some seriously realistic dolls which are exceptionally well priced. The fact that some of their creations are as good as products costing thousands more makes them superb value.

This beautiful blonde is a perfect naughty nurse sex doll if you love petite blondes with huge big breasts.

Her breasts are highly realistic, huge M-Cups which command your attention from the very second you set eyes on her.

She has a 40.16 inch bust with a 25.2 inch waist and 42.91 inch hips. These body measurements give this doll a curvy yet well toned figure. She certainly has curves in tall the right places.

The doll stands a petite 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 99.21 lbs. Her petite height amplifies the size of her delightful breasts whereas her weight is s comparable with that of a real woman. What more could you ask for when it comes to a realistic sex doll?

Nurse Sex Doll – Option Four

Buy a Nurse Sex Doll - Nurse Sex Doll For Sale - Fantasy Sex Doll Cheap and Realistic

If you are looking to buy a highly realistic naughty nurse sex doll but cannot afford the price of a RealDoll then this is our number one choice. The bottom line is you will not find a more lifelike and realistic sex doll at this price point. She is not only one of the most realistic sex dolls at a budget price she is probably the best value option overall.

The doll is another creation from WM Doll.

This beautiful doll has skin which is manufactured from high quality TPE. It is this reason she is such exceptional value and so well priced. The reason she is so realistic is because her head is still made from silicon. As you will likely already know TPE is indeed a great material for sex doll skin. However, silicon is still considered the material of choice. It is this reason this doll has such a lifelike head. A head that is so lifelike the doll could easily be mistaken for that of a real woman.

This is one of our taller suggestions standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs approximately 88lbs. Obviously this is somewhat lighter than a real woman. However this happens to be a perfect weight for a sex doll. It is light enough to move around with relative ease but heavy enough to feel like a real woman when in use.

She has large and highly realistic E-Cup breasts. These beautiful breasts are combined with a 36 inch bust, a 24 inch waist, and 35.5 inch hips.

Nurse Sex Doll – Option Five

Buy a Nurse Sex Doll - Nurse Sex Doll For Sale - Fantasy Sex Doll Cheap and Realistic

It really is difficult to look at this suggestion for a sexy naughty nurse sex doll and not see an unintentional likeness with singer, Miley Cyrus. We are sure the similarity between this doll and the singer will make it a bet selling product. After all who is ever going to turn down the chance of owning a Miley Cyrus sex doll?

On top of the Miley Cyrus similarity, as you can see, the doll is highly realistic with highly attractive facial features and killer legs that look great in stockings.

This doll is another fantastic, excellent value offering from WM Doll. You really will struggle to find a better priced realistic doll than a WM Doll.

This doll has beautiful large M-Cup breasts which could not be more perfectly sculpted. If you love girls with large breasts you could not hope for a doll with more perfect breasts. They are heavenly in every way you could ever hope for.

The doll has a bust which measures 34.6 inches with a 26 inch waist and 36 inch hips. She certainly has those sexy feminine curves while remaining well toned and somewhat athletic.

This doll is a medium height standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs 92.5 lbs which is comparable to the weight of a real woman. This weight adds to the realism of this doll especially when you are making love to her.

Nurse Sex Doll – Option Six

Buy a Nurse Sex Doll - Nurse Sex Doll For Sale - Fantasy Sex Doll Cheap and Realistic

Our final choice of sexy nurse sex doll is yet another offering from WM Doll. This is our cheapest suggestion and is ideally suited if you love thin girls with curves. As you can see she has huge breasts, wide hips, and a tiny waist. Her figure is somewhat hypnotic especially when you first set eyes on her. When you see this doll wearing a garter belt, stockings and high heels you will fall in love in a heart beat.

This doll has skin which is made from high quality TPE which has a tan appearance to it. One thing for sure is her skin looks and feels exceptionally realistic; something that is extremely uncommon with sex dolls that are this competitively priced.

She has the most perfect, exceptionally large J-Cup breasts. You could bot hope for breasts more perfect if you are a guy who loves really big boobs.

Her full bust measures an impressive 30.71 inches combined with a 22.05 inch under bust. These two measurements are just the beginning of her seductively hypnotic curves. Her waist measures a tiny 24.02 inches with 35.83 inch hips. You could not ask for a doll with more hypnotically seductive curves.

The doll stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 79.37 lbs. This makes her one of the lighter sex dolls which we have suggested. As we have already stated with other suggestions this is pretty much perfect for a sex doll. Not to heavy and not so light that she feels unrealistic.

Hands down this is a truly superb choice of nurse sex doll if you are not wanting to spend a small fortune.


As you can see there are plenty of products that would make a fantastic naughty nurse sex doll. A great thing about sex dolls is that regardless of the doll they can all pretty much act out any fantasy you may have. Just because you buy a naughty nurse sex doll does not mean you cannot dress her as a sexy secretary.

If you are looking to buy a highly realistic high end sex doll then RealDoll should be your number one choice. You can visit the RealDoll website here.

On the other hand if you are looking for a cheaper doll that is still highly realistic you cannot go wrong with a WM Doll. You can see a huge range of WM Doll products here.

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