Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls

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The truly great thing about sex dolls is that they an be used for so much more than just sex. This leads to the obvious question – what are the alternative uses for sex dolls? After all sex dolls are certainly not cheap so it makes perfect sense that you get your monies worth from your beautiful sex doll.

Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls

What you may or may not know is that the majority of sex doll owners use their doll for much more than simply sex. So, here are the top alternative uses for sex dolls.


Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls - Sex Dolls For Sale

It will hardly be of any surprise to learn one of the top alternative uses for sex dolls is companionship. A huge number of men buy a sex doll not just because they desire sexual contact but because the are lonely. A life size sex doll, for many men, is the perfect way to combat any feeling of loneliness.

Many men treat their sex doll just like a real woman. They will spend time watching television or movies with her. Some men enjoy meals and dates with her while others will spend the night simply sleeping with her.

A sex doll really is a perfect way to tackle feelings of isolation and loneliness. This is especially true with artificially intelligent robot sex dolls. These dolls are, in most cases, capable of holding a conversation with you. They also have facial features which move and they are capable of learning things you like.

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Art Projects

Because the majority of high end sex dolls are remarkably realistic they are superb for artists. It is not uncommon to find an artist using sex dolls as part on an art project or as a model for the likes of a nude life drawing. Photographers have also been known to use sex dolls as their subjects.

An aspiring artist who is unable to find a real person to draw or paint could use a sex doll. In many cases artists can be uncomfortable trying to find a real woman try paint nude. A sex doll is an ideal alternative.

Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls - Sex Dolls For Sale

The very same thing applies to photographers. Photographing people is a hugely popular topic among photographers. If a photographer does not have a real person to shoot the next best thing could be a sex doll.

It is common knowledge that actor James Franco uses sex dolls when creating a sex doll orgy. This piece of art was meant to tell the story of an alleged behind the scenes event that happened during the filming of the James Dean masterpiece, Rebel Without a Cause.

The possible ways a sex doll could be used in art projects is quite literally endless.

Gag Gifts

We have all likely associated inflatable sex dolls as the ultimate gag gift. They have an uncanny way of showing up at bachelor parties and a great way of teasing someone.

It is only natural that, even those doll technology has vastly improved, one of the number one alternative uses for sex dolls is as a gag gift.

Sure, not many people will go out and spend thousands of dollars on a gag gift but cheap inflatable sex dolls are still very much a thing.

Adult Sex Education

Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls - Sex Dolls For Sale

If you happen to be a guy who is inexperienced with sex a sex doll could be the perfect form of education. Let us be honest, there is only so much you can learn from a teacher or an adult movie. Yes, most of us are lucky enough to learn about the female body from fumbling encounters as we are growing up. However, there are plenty of guys who are not so lucky.

Such guys reach adulthood and have the misfortune of never having had a sexual encounter with a woman. As you might suspect this can lead to anxiety and social awkwardness long into a persons adult life.

The majority of high end sex dolls are extremely realistic in every way. They offer the perfect opportunity for anyone to learn all about the female body. A man can experiment with a sex doll and even explore their own likes and dislike as if they were with a real woman. Because sex dolls tend to be highly realistic they can produce the same level of excitement and anticipation that occurs when a man is with a real woman. This greatly helps reduce anxiety in a mans adult life not to mention the way a doll can greatly improve sexual confidence.

Protection and Security

When it comes to alternative uses for sex dolls this possibly sounds a little strange. However, with that said, it is possible that a sex doll could help with home security or with your own personal protection.

For example, the silhouette of a life size sex doll in your window could create the illusion that you are not home alone. Even when your house is empty a sex doll silhouette in your window could make it seem like someone is hone watching television.

When it comes to personal protection if you consider, for example, a situation where you are travelling across the country. You are much more likely to be a target of harassment if you are alone. Having a sex doll in your passenger seat could, in theory, make you a much less appealing target. There is no proof that this would work but some people do indeed use a sex doll for this very purpose.


Simply put there is no limit to the number of alternative uses for sex dolls. The only limit is simply down to your own imagination. What are your own suggestions of alternative uses for sex dolls?

Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls - Sex Dolls For Sale

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