Elizabeth Nine and a Half Weeks Sex Doll Fantasy

Elizabeth Nine and a Half Weeks Sex Doll Fantasy - Kim Basinger Sex Doll - Celebrity Sex Doll

Long before Fifty Shades of Grey there was the far superior Nine and a Half Weeks. If you are familiar with this highly erotic movie an Elizabeth Nine and a Half Weeks sex doll fantasy will undoubtedly be highly appealing. After all who would not love the idea of role-playing scenes from Nine and a Half Weeks with their very own celebrity lookalike Kim Basinger sex doll?

A Elizabeth Nine and a Half Weeks sex doll fantasy is perfect for anyone who loves women with sexy legs who wear sheer stockings and high heels. It will also appeal to guys who a partial to being the dominant party during a sexual encounter.

There are so many wonderful scenes from this movie that you can role-play with your Kim Basinger sex doll.

Perhaps you would care to watch while your beautiful blonde celebrity sexy doll masturbates in the basement at work. You could watch as she stretches out her long sexy  legs and brings herself to a climax.

You may prefer to role-play the famous striptease performed by Kim Basinger in the movie. Dress your doll is a sexy skirt suit with high heels and stockings and you have a truly arousing scene.

How about role-playing the famous fridge scene from the movie. You can dress your celebrity love doll in a robe and cosy sweat socks and enjoy a passionate encounter basking in the fridge light.

Maybe you would prefer something a little more intensely passionate. Once again this movie has the perfect scene to accommodate you. Try role-playing that extremely passionate scene between Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke where they get hot and heavy outdoors in the rain.

There really are so many fantastic scenes you could choose from with this movie. Why not watch the movie and pick your favorite then get busy.

When it comes to clothing for your sex doll we would highly recommend a pair of black sheer stockings and a pair of black stiletto high heels. Certainly a short smart skirt suit as this is what Kim Basinger wears in some of the hottest scenes in the movie.

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