Aimee 1.0 Sex Doll

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If you are dreaming of and looking to buy the perfect redhead sex doll the beautiful Aimee 1.0 sex doll could be exactly what you are looking for. This beautiful doll is the perfect real girl sex doll and is a creation from RealDoll.

The Aimee 1.0 Sex Doll

For those who do not know, RealDoll happens to be the worlds leading producer of high end, realistic sex dolls. There is no other sex doll manufacturer anywhere near as good as RealDoll. If you want to buy a realistic sex doll your number one choice should aways be RealDoll. The Aimee 1.0 sex doll is a perfect example of the realism and quality you can expect.

When people first see a RealDoll sex doll they always have to do a double take. They simply cannot believe they are a sex doll and not a real woman.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Redhead

This beautiful real girl sex doll has the most gorgeous facial features imaginable. She could quite easily pass for a movie star or supermodel. Combined with those hypnotically seductive dark eyes you will fall in love with this girl in an instant. Whoever said there was no such thing as love at first sight?

Perfect Petite Sex Doll

If you happen to be one of the many guys who love petite women this sex doll could not be a more perfect choice.

The Aimee 1.0 Sex Doll - - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Redhead Sex Dolls

This beautiful redhead sex doll stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall. At this height she is the perfect petite sex doll companion.

She weighs between 70 and 75 lbs which makes her very much the perfect weight for a sex doll. Heavy enough to feel just like a real woman when in use. Yet on the other hand she is light enough to move around with relative ease. Something you will certainly be grateful for when putting her in poses or into storage.

Supermodel Figure

When it comes to women you really could not ask for a sexier figure than that of the Aimee 1.0 sex doll. She is well toned with the perfect curves in all the right places. This beautiful sex doll really will be your very own personal supermodel.

She has a 33 inch bust combined with a 24 inch waist and 35 inch hips.

This doll looks fantastic when dressed clothing sized between 2 an 4 or a small size.

Perfect Breasts

For many men large breasts are small breast are not their thing. For these there is a size in the middle that is pure perfection. That size, in most cases, is C-Cup breasts. The good news for these men is the Aimee 1.0 sex doll has the most perfectly sculpted C-Cup breasts. You will literally be lost for words when you see how realistic they look.

If you are blown away at how realistic these breasts are wait until you feel them. They feel every inch as realistic as they look. In fact we would challenge anyone to look or feel the breasts on this sex doll and tell them apart from the real thing. They really are that good.

Long, Sexy Legs and Pretty Feet

The Aimee 1.0 Sex Doll - - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Redhead Sex Dolls

One thing pretty much all guys seem to agree on is there is nothing quite like a woman’s sexy legs or beautiful feet. Sadly, many men are never lucky enough to explore a love of sexy legs, nylon stockings, or a secret foot fetish.

This is one of the truly amazing things about owning a sex doll. They allow you to explore every sexual fantasy you dare to dream.

If you love sexy legs, bare or in stockings, you could not ask to buy a better sex doll. The Aimee 1.0 sex doll has legs that are a dream when you see them bare. When you see them dressed in nylons stockings or pantyhose they are literally out of this world.

Her feet are as equally as beautiful. All those secret foot fetish fantasies will finally come true with this beautiful doll. Her feet look sensational bare but also dressed up. Whether she is wearing socks, high heels, flats, whatever your dream happens to be this beautiful doll will satisfy all your urges and dreams.

The Aimee 1.0 sex doll has size 8 feet.

Unlimited Customizations

When it comes to customizing a sex doll RealDoll have pretty much written the book. Should there be any physical attribute about this doll that is not to your liking it is so easy to change. Everything from the dolls hair to her eyes to her body type, even her face can be changed.

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