Daisy Duke Sex Doll Fantasy

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Anyone who remembers The Dukes of Hazzard is bound to love the idea of a Daisy Duke sex doll fantasy. What we truly love about the idea of a Daisy Duke sex doll fantasy is it allows you opportunity to be with two different celebrities. You could go for a Jessica Simpson sex doll if you prefer the movie version of the character. Or, if you prefer the original TV series you could opt for a Catherine Bach sex doll. Whichever version of this sexy character you choose we are sure you will love this role play.

Daisy Duke Sex Doll Fantasy - Jessica Simpson Sex Doll - Catherine Bach Sex Doll - Catherine Bach Pantyhose

The clothing you will need varies ever so slightly depending on whether you are wanting to have your doll dressed as Catherine Bach or as Jessica Simpson.

If you decide the original character as portrayed by Catherine Bach is your preference you will obviously need a pair of tight fitting denim shorts. These shorts are now called Daisy Dukes for obvious reasons. You will also need a checked shirt which should be tied in a knot at the front. You will also need a pair of high heel sandals and a pair of nude or tan pantyhose. Catherine Bach was made to wear pantyhose throughout The Dukes of Hazzard television series as producers felt bare legs would be a little provocative for a family show. Undoubtedly those of you who love women wearing nylon pantyhose will be forever grateful for this decision.

On the other hand you may choose to have your doll dress as Jessica Simpson portrayed the character in The Dukes of Hazzard movie. If this is you preference there are several clothing options for your doll. Which you choose is simply down to what you personally prefer.

Firstly you can dress your doll in denim shorts with either a checked shirt (tied at the front) or in a loose fitting tank three quarter length tank top. This particular look should be finished with a pair of cowboy boots or wedge heel shoes.

A second option is to dress you doll in denim jeans combined with cowboy boots and a leather button from vest.

Finally there is the option of dressing your celebrity love doll in a tiny bikini. This would be the perfect way to replicate Jessica Simpson in both the scene in the movie and the scenes in her music video where she is washing the General Lee.

Daisy Duke Sex Doll Fantasy - Jessica Simpson Sex Doll - Catherine Bach Sex Doll - Catherine Bach Pantyhose

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