DS Doll Review

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DS Doll or Doll Sweet is a sex doll manufacturer that has been hailed as the producer of the most realistic sex dolls in the world. Our DS Doll review takes a tried and tested look at these high end sex dolls. Are they worth the money and should you buy one?

DS Doll Review – Doll Sweet Review

DS Doll Review - Doll Sweet Review - Buy DS Doll - Buy Doll Sweet

It is fair to say that DS Doll is a sex doll manufacturer that is not as well known as others. Most people familiar with sex dolls will have undoubtedly heard of WM Doll or RealDoll. However, if you ask anyone who is well versed in the world of sex dolls will surely mention DS Doll or Doll Sweet as they are also known. This manufacturer is considered to be the Rolls Royce of the sex doll world. Our DS Doll review takes a tried and tested look at these dolls, considered the most realistic in the world.

Huge Range

The very first thing that stands out with DS Doll is the vast range of products they produce. Whatever your personal taste you can be pretty much sure DS Doll manufacturer a doll that will be perfect for you.

Originally this manufacturer produced mostly Asian sex dolls. Over the years they have begun to offer a much more diverse range. They currently produce female and male sex dolls along with a wide range of sex dolls of all orientations and looks.

We really would be very surprised if you were unable to find your perfect sex doll among DS Doll’s line up. They even design and manufacturer robotic artificially intelligent sex dolls which are every bit as lifelike as their standard love dolls.

Highly Realistic

Did we mention in this DS Doll review that this manufacturer is well known for producing the most realistic and lifelike sex dolls in the world? The big question is – how true is this big claim?

Well, to put it simply this claim from the manufacturer could not be more honest. DS Doll certainly produce sex dolls that are as realistic, if not more realistic than those created by RealDoll. Anyone familiar with RealDoll will realise how impressive this fact happens to be.

What really stands out about DS Doll sex dolls it the attention to detail. When you look at a DS doll you could genuinely mistake it for a real woman. They really are that good. You can see body parts such as collarbones and tendons in the neck for example. If you look at the feet on these dolls you can see the veins. Put simply if you have a foot fetish these sex dolls could not be a more perfect choice. You can even see her spine just like a real woman.

DS Doll Review - Doll Sweet Review - Buy DS Doll - Buy Doll Sweet

You really could not hope for a more detailed or realistic sex doll. We would quite literally challenge you to buy a more realistic sex doll.

Capable of All Forms of Sex

If you are looking to buy a high end sex doll you will undoubtedly want to know she is capable of meeting your needs. The good news is that DS Doll sex dolls are more than capable of providing you with everything you will ever need. Whatever your sexual fantasy happens to be these dolls can deliver. They are always ready and willing. They will never refuse you anything.

DS Doll sex dolls can offer you vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

High Quality Silicon

The majority of sex dolls for sale in this price range have skin made from TPE. This is not the case with DS Doll products. These sex dolls have skin manufactured from the highest quality silicon. While TPE is a fantastic material there really is no substitute for silicon. It looks and feels so much more lifelike.

DS Doll Review - Doll Sweet Review - Buy DS Doll - Buy Doll Sweet

The fact DS Doll use silicon and sell their sex dolls at this price is quite literally incredible.

What We Love About DS Doll

It really is impossible to not to love how realistic these sex dolls are. There are plenty of realistic sex dolls but DS Doll really does take things to the next level. Even if you take the time to look up close and personal at these dolls it can be difficult to distinguish between them and a real woman. They honestly are that truly amazing. For this reason alone we would not hesitate to buy another DS Doll nor would we hesitate to recommend them.

Once you throw in facts like they can provide you with all forms of sex and various other things you really have a winning combination. A combination that is so awesome it is impossible not to love.

What We Do Not Love About DS Doll

The only real thing we can complain about when it comes to DS Doll is the price. They are certainly not the most expensive sex dolls for sale but they are not the cheapest either. With that said although they are expensive they really are worth every last penny.


The bottom line is that if you are looking to buy a high end, highly realistic sex doll then DS Doll is a superb choice. Not only are these dolls beautiful and sexy they are the most highly realistic sex dolls available for sale. You will not believe the attention to detail when you see a DS Doll in the flesh.

You will simply not find a better, more realistic sex doll for sale anywhere.

Check out the DS Doll range here.

DS Doll Review - Doll Sweet Review - Buy DS Doll - Buy Doll Sweet

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