Black Widow Sex Doll Fantasy

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Black Widow Sex Doll Fantasy - Scarlett Johansson Sex Doll - Celebrity Sex DollIf you are a fan of Scarlett Johansson and a sex doll owner a Black Widow sex doll fantasy could be well be an awesome idea. A Black Widow sex doll fantasy using a Scarlett Johansson style sex doll is the perfect role play or Avengers XXX parody to share. Whoever said owning a sex doll would not be much fun?

Maybe you could role play a scene where this sex red headed female superhero rescues you. Your celebrity sex doll could be the dominant party.

Of course you could always take on the more dominant part while role playing with your doll. How about you take on the role of the bad guy who has captured a Black Widow. Just think of that scene in the movie where Scarlett Johansson is all tied up. This would allow you the chance to role play with your xxxx style sex roll out of her Black Widow costume. You could certainly create a unique role play with your love doll based around this scene.

For this movie based sex roll fantasy ideally you will want a redhead sex doll. A sex doll that has an athletic figure with big breasts.

Obviously one way to dress your doll for this fantasy would be in a Black Widow costume. You can add a pair of knee high boots and make sure the zip at the front is pulled down exposing the cleavage of your sex doll.

On the other hand if you wanted to be screen accurate and role play the scene where Scarlett Johansson is captured and tied up you will need a different form of clothing. In this scene Scarlett Johansson wears sheer pantyhose with high heels and a little black dress. How perfect does this sound if you are a lover of women in nylons?

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