Lara Croft Sex Doll Fantasy

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Lara Croft Sex Doll Fantasy - Angelina Jolie Sex Doll - Alicia Vikander Sex Doll - Celebrity Sex DollVideo game fans and lovers of athletic women will love this celebrity sex doll fantasy idea. A Lara Croft sex doll fantasy from the Tomb Raider video games and movies is an idea that could make all your geeky teenage dreams come true. A Lara Croft sex doll fantasy also allows you to base the character on countless actresses and models portrayals of this sexy video game character. How about an Angelina Jolie style sex doll or Alicia Vikander style sex doll. Maybe an Alison Carroll style sex doll. Ultimately the version of the character you choose will be down to your own personal preferences.

There are several ways you can create your Tomb Raider sex doll fantasy. Perhaps Lara Croft has just realised you. This could lead to a passionate hardcore embrace as you escape with her.

On the other hand perhaps yourself and Lara Croft could be working as a team. You are currently on an adventure and decide to get some rest. This could quite easily lead to a passionate embrace just like you would expect to see in a movie.

There is also the opportunity to play the bad guy. How about role playing a scene where you have captured Lara Croft and have tied her up. You could surely have some fun playing with this idea.

You could not ask for an easier or sexier outfit for this sexy video game character. It is easy enough for to find a complete Lara Croft costume on sale. It is also just as easy to buy the clothing separately. A pair of knee high boots, a pair of shorts, a tank top, and of course, her dual gun holsters.

It is even possible to buy a Lara Croft style sex doll complete with her trademarked hairstyle.

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