Silicon Wives Review

Purchasing several sex dolls from this company has led to this in-depth Silicon Wives review. If you are here you will undoubtedly be looking to buy a sex doll. The question on everyones lips in your situation is – are they genuine, legit or are they a scam? This Silicon Wives review will help you answer that exact question.

Silicon Wives Review – Quick Look

Silicon Wives Review - Are They Legit, Genuine or a Scam. High End Sex Dolls For Sale

Silicon Wives is an American sex doll retailer that was founded in 2015. In total the people behind this company have over 10 years of experience in the sex toy industry. When they noticed a gap in the constantly growing sex doll market they made the decision to set up their own online sex doll store. Their aim from day one has been to supply only the very best quality dolls available. If a doll is not of the very highest quality then you will not find it for sale by Silicon Wives.

Since its creation Silicon Wives is constantly striving to become better. They are constantly looking to expand their range of products and for new ways to deliver unparalleled customer service.

The company currently sells sex dolls from manufacturers such as WM Doll, Sanhui Doll YL Doll, and many more.


They say that first impressions last and that is especially true when it comes to online retailers. If an online retailer has a poorly designed and unprofessional looking website then customers are quickly put off.

The Silicon Wives website is one of the best in the sex doll retail industry. It looks professional and most importantly is easy to navigate. You will find it remarkably easy to find exactly what you are looking for. It is possible to search for dolls based on various attributes such as hair color, breast size, height, manufacturer, and much more.

Silicon Wives Review - Are They Legit, Genuine or a Scam. High End Sex Dolls For Sale

Each sex doll has its own unique page containing information about the doll along with a good collection of photos. Once you have decided on the doll you wish to buy you can easily make any customizations before buying the doll.

Sex Doll Range

Silicon Wives has a good collection of sex dolls available for sale. Their collection of dolls is by no means as extensive as some retailers but this is because they only stock the very highest quality dolls. Most online retailers are happy to stock any old rubbish but that is not the case with Silicon Wives. Currently this company has nearly 200 pre configured dolls for sale. These are all available for immediate shipping.

The majority of dolls sold by this company are manufactured from TPE. They offer dolls of all shapes and sizes along with an impressive collection of fantasy dolls. These fantasy dolls include fairy, elf, and vampire sex dolls.

Price and Value

If you are here reading this Silicon Wives review you will already have concluded that sex dolls are certainly not cheap. The good news is that Silicon Wives are extremely well priced when compared to other retailers.

The majority of their dolls are sold at dramatically reduced prices. In most cases you will find sex dolls costing more than $2,000 elsewhere on sale here for less than $2,000. You really will struggle finding sex dolls on sale cheaper anywhere else.

Customer Service

Silicon Wives Review - Are They Legit, Genuine or a Scam. High End Sex Dolls For Sale

Possibly the most part of this Silicon Wives review relates to customer service. After all who wants to part with their hard earned money and receive poor customer service as thanks?

Having bought several sex dolls from this online retailer I highly recommend their customer service. This company takes great pride in the service they offer their customers. Any questions or queries you have Silicon Wives will be there to help you. They offer a round the clock service offering all the help and advice you could ever need.

In my own personal experience with this company I have never felt let down. They are a mere phone call away and respond to emails extremely promptly. In most cases you can expect an email reply within the hour.


One of the biggest worries people have when buying a sex doll is regarding delivery. The last thing anyone would want is a sex doll being delivered in full view of all your neighbors.

You will be relived to know that Silicon Wives takes the privacy of their customers extremely seriously. When your doll is shipped to you it is securely packaged in a large crate. The doll be surrounded by protective material keeping it safe and secure on its journey to you. This large crate has no markings giving any indication as to what is inside. Not even the accompanying paperwork gives the slightest hint of what you are having delivered. As far as anyone involved in the delivery is concerned you are receiving something that is heavy in a large crate. That is all they will ever know.

From the day you order your sex doll you should expect delivery to occur within 3 weeks. Once you receive notification that your doll has been shipped it will usually take 2-4 days to reach you.

In my own personal experience with this company I have usually received my doll within 2 weeks of ordering. This is much quicker than the industry standard and certainly they quickest delivery process I have ever experienced.

Payment Options

Silicon Wives Review - Are They Legit, Genuine or a Scam. High End Sex Dolls For Sale

Silicon Wives could not make it any easier to pay for your sex doll. They accept all major credit and debit cards including MasterCard and Visa. They even accept payment via PayPal and a payment plan through Klarna. This allows you to easily spread the cost of your purchase.

These methods of payment offer you, the customer, peace of mind and add an extra layer of trust and security to your buying experience.

The way in which Silicon Wives goes about their billing is further proof on how well they guard your privacy. You do not need to worry about the likes of your credit card bill showing anything indicating what you have purchased. Your bank or credit card statement will simply show a transaction was made to – SW Order.

It is really nice to see a company take care of their customers privacy.


Lots of people wonder about the return policy when buying a sex doll.

Silicon Wives pride themselves on checking and thoroughly inspecting each and every doll before it is shipped. However, should you receive a doll that has been damaged in transit the first thing you should do is get in contact with Silicon Wives. Do not unpack the doll any further than you already have and do not use the doll in any way. Once this company receives notification that you have received a faulty or damaged doll they will either refund your money in full or offer a replacement.

It is worth pointing out at this point in this Silicon Wives review that they will not offer a refund for any other reason. They will also not offer a refund if your doll has been used in any way. If they doll has been used and proves to be defective they will simply offer you a replacement rather than a refund.

If you happen to order a sex doll then change your mind you have 24 hours in which to cancel your order.

Reasons I Would Recommend Silicon Wives

Silicon Wives Review - Are They Legit, Genuine or a Scam. High End Sex Dolls For Sale

Without any doubt at all Silicon Wives is one of the very best sex doll retailers anywhere. They have been around for many years and have a solid, well respected reputation. I have personally ordered several sex dolls from this company and have never had any issues whatsoever.

You will not find an easy sex doll website to navigate or to buy from. The photos they publish of their dolls are always 100% accurate as are the descriptions and information.

Their customer service team is among the very best in the industry and are always on hand to help you whenever needed.

They offer a payment plan as well as accepting all major credit cards and PayPal. This is all on top of a solid return and refund policy and a 24 hour cancelation period.

The company has a wide range of preconfigured sex dolls in stock as well as the ability to customize each and every doll. The dolls they do sell are extremely well priced and superb value for money.

What more could you possibly want when buying your sex doll?

What Could Be Better

The one thing that could be better about this retailer is their range of products. Yes, 200 different sex dolls for sale is impressive but it would be nice to see even more. Certainly a wider selection of dolls from different manufacturers.

It is worth pointing out in this Silicon Wives review that there is however a reason why their range is limited. As we have already stated this company only stocks the highest quality dolls. If a doll has not been tried and tested for quality then this company will simply not offer it for sale.


The bottom line is that if you are looking to buy a sex doll then Silicon Wives is an ideal online retailer. They offer only the highest quality products for sale and offer them at extremely attractive prices. Their customer service is industry leading and their delivery service is among the quickest in the industry. All of this completed with an industry leading return and refund policy.

This Silicon Wives review can not recommend this retailer enough.

Silicon Wives Review - Are They Legit, Genuine or a Scam. High End Sex Dolls For Sale

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