Lessons You Learn After Using A Sex Doll

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Believe it or not but sex dolls are so much more than a life size sex toy. They also happen to be wonderful teachers and you will be amazed at the lessons you learn after using a sex doll.

Lessons You Learn After Using A Sex Doll

Because sex dolls do not judge or question a you they are the perfect way to explore your emotional and sexual desires. In turn this leads sex dolls to being wonderful teachers that have so many lessons to share with you. In my own personal experience here are the most common lessons you learn after using a sex doll. These lessons can and will make you a better lover and a more caring, loving partner.

Sex Requires Practice

Sex happens to be the most natural act between two people. However, it also happens to induce a great deal of anxiety with many people worrying about their own sexual performance. Like everything in life sex requires practice. You cannot expect to have your very first sexual encounter and find that you are the worlds greatest lover. It simply does not work like that. The more you practice the better you will become. Sex really is a truly wonderful act that is intimate, pleasurable, and a basic human need. However, it is only enjoyable if you know what to do and how to do it.

The great thing about sex dolls is they never get bored and they never get tired. This offers the perfect opportunity for practice without fearing someone is growing inpatient with your learning curve. Time spent with a love doll is the perfect way to learn and become a better and more considerate lover.

Understanding Is Key To A Great Sex Partner

It really does not matter how in love two people happen are there is simply no chance a partner will be 100% cool with all you sexual preferences. We all have a secret sexual fetish that we know our significant other is really not that keen on. This is the very reason why an understanding partner is a great sex partner. It also happens to be one of the reasons love dolls are becoming increasingly more popular. A sex doll is always willing and always understanding. She will never ever say no to their owners and never ever judge them.

When we look at sex dolls like this we see they do more than simply satisfy our naughtiest desires. They teach us how if a partner is showing an interest in satisfying any of your urges we should return the favor. Relationships are a two way street where you should get what you give and give what you get.

Commitment is So Important

Jumping into bed with a different partner each and every time we have a sexual urge is anything but healthy. In todays world the risk of an STD is pretty high so you have to ask is a few minutes of sexual pleasure really worth risking your health or even your life.

This is exactly what a sex doll will teach you.

When you buy a sex doll, in the majority of cases, she will be for you and no one else. She will be your perfect sexual partner for a very long time. In that time it is not uncommon for a romantic bond to be created between the two of you. This bond is certainly something you should strive for with a real partner. Each time you switch sexual partners you run the risk of becoming infected with some horrific disease. Maybe even something with no known cure.

Take a lesson from your sex doll and accept that commitment is key to a healthy, loving life.

Great Sex Brings Great Happiness

Pretty much each and every study that has taken place concludes that sex has huge benefits for our health. Both physical and mental health is greatly improved when we indulge in an intimate act. Everything from our blood pressure becoming lower to feeling happy and satisfied.

What most people do not realise is that sex releases certain hormones in our brain which are responsible for happiness. The more you engage in sex the more of these chemicals are released and the more your brain becomes stimulated. This alone should be the perfect reasons to engage in some intimacy with your partner. And this is all on top of the obvious health benefits from the workout you get during sex.

Maybe the idea of buying a sex doll is better than a gym membership.

Good Hygiene Is Must

Just like a real person a sex doll needs to be cleaned. The big difference with a love doll is that she cannot clean herself. It is down to you to clean them and keep them as hygienic as possible.

The lesson you should learn from your sex doll here is that tending to your own personal hygiene is taking care of yourself. It never hurts to take an extra shower and freshen yourself up. After all who would want to be with a partner who is unhygienic? Yes, it is true that sweat contains natural pheromones. While this is certainly true it is still not the best idea to take that sweat to bed. If you are about to get naughty with your significant other the last thing your partner will want is you stinking of sweat and dirt.

Personal hygiene should always be a number one priority for us all.


These are only a few lessons we can learn from owning and using a sex doll. If you buy a sex doll and use one you will be amazed at the lessons you learn. About relationships, about sex, and about yourself. For this reason alone buying a sex doll as a single person or as a couple has never seemed so appealing.

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