Kate Middleton Sex Doll

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You are pretty much out of luck if you are hoping to buy a Kate Middleton sex doll. No way, no how, never ever going to happen. But, there is some good news if you do indeed long to buy a Kate Middleton sex doll. There are plenty of love dolls available for sale that unintentionally bare many of the same elegant qualities of everyones favorite duchess. This could will be as close as you could ever dream of coming to Kate Middleton’s sexy legs and nylon pantyhose.

Kate Middleton Sex Doll – The Alternatives

So, the obvious question is – what are my options if I want to buy a Kate Middleton sex doll? Well, when looking for a doll that looks unintentionally like the duchess there are several attributes which are really important. The love doll you choose should certainly be thin and well toned. It should be a brunette with long, straight hair. Ideally it should also have those beautiful high cheekbones. Just like the real Kate Middleton your love doll should have great legs that look even better in sheer nylon pantyhose or stockings.

Kate Middleton is approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall and her body measurements are approximately 32-24-35.

Here are, in our opinion, the best option for anyone who wants to buy a Kate Middleton sex doll.

Kate Middleton Sex Doll – Option One

Kate Middleton Sex Doll For Sale - Buy Celebrity Love Dolls Cheap - Reality Sex Dolls

Our first suggestion for a sex doll is the Brooklyn 2.0, a love doll that has been designed and created by RealDoll. For anyone who is not familiar with the sex doll industry RealDoll is a sex doll manufacturer that is well known for producing what are considered the most realistic in the world.

The Brooklyn 2.0 sex doll is certainly a love that will have you constantly mistaking her for a real woman. She really does look that realistic. This is before you even start to notice just how beautiful this doll happens to be.

Brooklyn 2.0 is a brunette sex doll with a slender, sexy figure, and those all important long sexy legs that look great dressed in nylon pantyhose or stockings. Her feet look equally as elegant when you dress this doll in high heels or simply leave her feet bare.

This beautiful, highly realistic sex doll is a little shorter than the real Kate Middleton standing 5 feet 6 inches tall. The doll weighs 105 lbs. This is likely a very similar weight to the duchess which really adds to the realism of the doll.

The most noticeable difference between this RealDoll and Kate Middleton is the breast size. This doll has large DD-Cup breasts which are distinctly larger than the duchess’. The doll has a 36 inch bust with a 24 inch waist and 38 inch hips. This gives the doll a highly feminine and very sexy figure that is so hypnotic. You will certainly find it difficult, if not impossible, to keep your eyes and hands from her beautiful body.

The Brooklyn 2.0 can wear a size 8 shoe and can wear a small dress or clothes that are a size 3 to 5.

Kate Middleton Sex Doll – Option Two

Kate Middleton Sex Doll For Sale - Buy Celebrity Love Dolls Cheap - Reality Sex Dolls

Our second suggestion for a Kate Middleton sex doll is this beautiful and highly realistic doll. This is a creation from WM Doll, possibly the worlds best known sex doll manufacturer.

What makes this sexy love doll so special is that WM Doll have combined a TPE body with a silicon head. TPE is a material which has many of the same benefits as silicon only it is much cheaper. The fact this doll has a body made with TPE means this doll is exceptional value for money. Because the head is made from silicon it still manages to achieve the same high degree of realism. This is very much the best of both worlds. A highly realistic sex doll that is affordable to pretty much everyone.

Again, this sex doll is a little shorter than Kate Middleton who stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. This celebrity love doll stands 3 inches shorter at 5 feet 6 inches. The doll weighs 88 lbs which is somewhat lighter than a real woman. However, it is worth noting that anything around this weight is perfect for a sex doll. Heavy enough to feel like a real woman while in use. Light enough to move around with relative ease.

This WM Doll has large E-Cup breasts which are obviously much bigger than Kate Middleton’s own boobs. However, this could surely be considered a hugely positive factor if you are one of the many guys who love women with big breasts.

The doll has a 36 inch bust with a 24 inch waist and 35.5 inch hips. Most importantly, as with any product meant for use as a Kate Middleton sex doll, this doll has fantastic legs. You can be sure that this doll looks every bit as sexy as the real Kate Middleton wearing pantyhose or stockings with high heels.

Kate Middleton Sex Doll – Option Three

Kate Middleton Sex Doll For Sale - Buy Celebrity Love Dolls Cheap - Reality Sex Dolls

Our final suggestion for a great looking and highly realistic Kate Middleton sex doll is Stephanie 1.0. This is another creation from RealDoll and is one of the most realistic brunette love dolls you will ever see. Exactly as you would expect from a company with such a stellar reputation.

There are several obvious differences between Stephanie 1.0 and the real Kate Middleton.

Firstly, Stephanie 1.0 stands at a petite 5 feet 1 inch tall. This is approximately 8 whole inches shorter than Kate Middleton.

Secondly Stephanie 1.0 has breasts which are perfectly sculpted F-Cup breasts. These are obviously somewhat larger than Kate Middleton’s own boobs. When you buy a bra for Stephanie 1.0 it is worth nothing you will need a 32F bra.

Stephanie 1.0 has body measurements which give her very similar proportions to those of Kate Middleton. This RealDoll has a 37 inch bust combined with a 24 inch waist and 37 inch hips.

What we personally like about this beautiful sex doll is that she weighs 75 lbs. As we have already discussed this is a perfect weight for a sex doll.

You will need size 6 shoes for this specific doll.


As you can see just because there is no such thing as a real Kate Middleton sex doll there are plenty products that offer a great alternative. These celebrity love dolls share the same look and style as the beautiful duchess. Which product you decide to buy should be purely based on your own personal tastes and desires.

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Stephanie 2.0 Sex Doll

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