6 Things to Try With Your Sex Doll

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6 Things to Try With Your Sex Doll

If you own a sex doll are happen to be looking to buy a sex doll you may well be looking for things that you can do with her. This is perfectly normal with the majority of guys looking for more than basic sex from their dolls. Here are ideas of 6 things to try with your sex doll.

6 Things to Try With Your Sex Doll

1 – Dress Up

If you were with a woman and she asked you what you would like her to wear what would you choose? Perhaps you would struggle to choose one specific thing for her to wear. This is why this is number one on our list of 6 things to try with your sex doll.

Why not buy a selection of outfits that you like for your sex doll to wear. Perhaps you would like your love doll in nothing more than sexy lingerie combined with high heels and stockings. You may want to dress your sex doll up as secretary, a nurse, or a French maid. Whatever clothing turns you on your sex doll will be more than happy to wear this for you.

2 – Positions

Regardless of how many women a guy has been with or how long he has been in a relationship one thing remains true. That is there certain sexual positions that he has always dreamt about trying but has never had the opportunity. In most cases this is because he has never mentioned such desires. This is usually down to embarrassment or the feeling his partner would not want to try.

The great thing about owning a sex doll is there is no need to be shy or embarrassed. A sex doll is never ever going to judge you so pretty much everything you could possible dream of is on the menu.

Why not try to remember all those naughty positions you have dreamt about throughout your life. Once you have a good list of positions in your head its time to get busy experiencing them with your sex doll.

3 – Role Play

How many scenarios do you dream about trying in the bedroom? Once you have that number think about how many of them you have been lucky enough to actually try. Regardless of how many role play fantasies you have been lucky enough to try there will always be more.

This is the truly great thing about sex dolls. With a sex doll you can role play pretty much any scenario you desire. Not only that but you can role play the same scene as many times as you want without your doll becoming bored. Just think of all those sexual scenarios you could act out. Perhaps you could try something as simple as a sexy nurse or a secretary wearing stockings and high heels. On the other hand you may want to role play a scene from a sexy movie you have seen. The possibilities are endless.

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4 – Fetish Play

Whether or not we admit it or not we all have at least one sexual fetish of some description. Many of us never get the chance to explore such sexual fetishes. This is most often simply because we are too embarrassed to tell our partners. There is also the possibility that a partner may not be comfortable exploring certain fetishes.

This is yet another fantastic thing about owning a sex doll.

A sex doll will quite literally be willing to explore any sexual fetish with you. This could be something as simple as a foot fetish all the way up to BDSM, DDLG, and CNC. There is literally no limit as to the sexual fetishes you can explore together with your sex doll.

5 – Watch a Movie

The majority of guys who own sex dolls use them for more than just sex. Many guys buy a sex doll as a companion. Why not spend some quality time with your beautiful sex doll. Perhaps you could cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie or boxset. If you are alone you may well be surprised how nice it is to have a companion with you as you watch a movie.

6 – Take a Bath or Shower

Just like the previous idea taking a bath or shower with your sex doll is the perfect way to bond with her. Guys usually prefer to shower with their sex doll if they plan on having sex with her. On the other hand if they are looking for something more romantic they will run a bath and put on some candles and romantic music.

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