WM Doll Review

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WM Doll Review - Should I Buy a WM Doll Sex Doll - Are WM Doll Sex Dolls Good - Best Deal on Cheap Sex Dolls

If you are looking to buy a sex doll you will have probably come across WM Doll. I would imagine you are here looking at our WM Doll review because you want to make sure your hard earned money goes on the best product available. The big question you will undoubtedly have – are WM Doll sex dolls any good?

WM Doll Review – Quick Look

WM Doll is a Chinese based sex doll manufacturer. They are probably one of the best known brands of sex doll in the world. They certainly offer the widest range of sex dolls you are ever likely to see.

Primarily WM Doll produce TPE sex dolls although they do also manufacture several hybrid and silicone sex dolls.

Largest Product Range Anywhere

The simple truth is that if you cannot find your dream sex doll from the WM Doll range you will simply not find her anywhere. That is because WM Doll produce the largest range of sex dolls in the world. They manufacture everything from smoking hot teen blonde bombshell to a sultry, mature brunette MILF.

Not only does WM Doll manufacture sex dolls based on any type of woman you could imagine, they also produce fantasy sex dolls. Such fantasy sex dolls are based on fantasy characters such as vampires, elves and various other fantasy characters.


WM Doll Review - Should I Buy a WM Doll Sex Doll - Are WM Doll Sex Dolls Good - Best Deal on Cheap Sex Dolls

The majority of sex dolls manufactured by WM Doll use skin that is made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). TPE is a relatively new material and has become a hugely popular material in the manufacture of sex dolls. It offers many of the advantages of silicone only it is much cheaper and easier to work with. The end result is a high quality, highly realistic sex doll that costs a fraction of the price of a silicone sex doll.

Face and  Head

For many people who own a sex doll or are looking to buy a sex doll one of the most important features is her face. After all a sex dolls face can make a good sex doll great.

TPE is the material of choice that WM Doll use for the majority of their sex dolls. They also produce a small range of what is considered hybrid sex dolls. These sex dolls feature TPE skin on the body and silicone for the head and face.

WM Doll sex dolls range dramatically in price and so does the quality of the faces on these sex dolls. The cheaper sex dolls in the WM Doll range have a face which are not what you would consider realistic. However, if you move towards midrange and high end sex dolls from WM Doll the faces become extremely realistic and lifelike.

What I really love about WM Doll is that the heads and faces are interchangeable. Many doll manufacturers offer a similar feature but none do it as well as WM Doll. Because WM Doll have such a massive range of doll faces, heads, and hair pieces there is no limit to a dolls appearance. You can quite literally buy a single WM Doll sex doll and have an infinite number of appearances you can give her. This is very much like buying one sex doll and getting countless others for free.


WM Doll Review - Should I Buy a WM Doll Sex Doll - Are WM Doll Sex Dolls Good - Best Deal on Cheap Sex Dolls

Over the years I have owned more sex dolls that I can remember. Out of all the sex dolls I have owned I have always felt the breasts on a WM Doll stand out in a crowd. They look and feel so much like the real thing I would challenge anyone to tell the difference between them and the real thing.

The reason the breasts on a WM Doll sex doll feel so lifelike is because they are made from TPE. In the past sex dolls were made completely from silicone. While silicone may look highly realistic it has a tendency to be a little hard. This is not an attribute you want in breasts on a sex doll.

The only real negative thing I can say about the breasts on a WM Doll sex doll is that the nipples are not as good as I feel they could be. They are good but if you look closely they are not what I would call 100% perfect.

Flexibility and Joints

When I began this WM Doll review and started using their sex dolls what really stood out was their skeletons. WM Doll use a skeleton which is manufactured from a lightweight material.

This skeleton is designed to perfectly mimic the skeleton of a real human being. It not just looks like a real human being it moves like one as well. This is because it features joints in all the same locations as a real human skeleton. As a result of these high quality movable joints you can position WM Doll sex dolls in any human like pose you can imagine. The great thing about this is you can have sex with your sex doll in any position you desire.

Size and Weight

The weight of WM Doll sex dolls depends very much on their height. If you are looking for the average weight of a WM Doll sex doll I would say they are in the region of 65 lbs  90 lbs.

WM Doll Review - Should I Buy a WM Doll Sex Doll - Are WM Doll Sex Dolls Good - Best Deal on Cheap Sex Dolls

Speaking as someone who has owned many sex dolls over the years this weight range is pretty much perfect. It is heavy enough to feel just like a real woman while she is in use. On the other hand the doll will still be light enough to move around without straining yourself.

As part of this WM Doll review I will offer some advice to those of you looking to buy your first sex doll. That advice would be to be honest with yourself about your health and your strength. What I am getting at is before you settle on your perfect sex doll pay particular attention to her weight. Then consider if you feel you would be able to move something that weight around without hurting yourself. The bottom line is you do not want to buy your dream sex doll only to get her home and find she is too heavy for you to move. That would completely ruin your experience and spoil the enjoyment of your sex doll.

Vagina, Anal, and Oral Openings

What many people looking to buy a sex doll seem to overlook is the orifices. I have honestly lost count the number of times I have heard about someone who purchased a sex doll only to get her home and discover she cannot offer the form of sex they desire.

The good news when it comes to WM Doll sex dolls is that their entire range of TPE sex dolls are capable of all forms of sex. Put simply that means they have all the orifices you could hope for. They can offer you vaginal, anal, and oral sex.


When it comes to customizing a sex doll WM Doll really are one of the best sex doll manufacturers.

WM Doll Review - Should I Buy a WM Doll Sex Doll - Are WM Doll Sex Dolls Good - Best Deal on Cheap Sex Dolls

WM Doll offer a huge array of sex doll customizations for any sex doll that you buy. That means you can choose any sex doll they produce and alter any attribute. It is possible to change everything from her hair to her face and from her body shape to her skin tone. Whatever you want to alter you can do so.

Shipping and Packaging

One thing that really worried me when I was buying my very first sex doll was the packaging. I had visions of a sex doll being delivered to my front door in a box with the words – sex doll inside – wrote on the outside. Obviously this is the last thing you want your neighbors or even the delivery guy seeing.

At this point in this WM Doll review I will simply say that there is no need for you to worry. Sex dolls are shipped in crates which as with not labelling on the outside which would give any indication as to what is on the inside. One thing you can be sure of is there is noway anyone will be able to tell what is in the delivery crate unless they were to break it open and look.

The weight of the crate which is delivered to your door will vary depending on the weight of your doll.

Help, After-Sales, and Support

When spending this kind of money on a sex doll you want to know should you have an issue then you will be well looked after. When it comes to WM Doll the help and support you will receive is, in my experience, down to the shop where you purchase your doll from. The bottom line is you should always make sure that you buy your doll from a reputable dealer. I have had experiences with Silicon Wives and Sexy Real Sex Dolls and would not hesitate to recommend them both.

WM Doll Review - Should I Buy a WM Doll Sex Doll - Are WM Doll Sex Dolls Good - Best Deal on Cheap Sex Dolls

My personal experience would lean me toward choosing Silicon Wives as my number one source when I buy any sex doll. I will state in this WM Doll review that both silicon wives and Sex Doll are excellent companies and have first class customer service.

What Is Sex Like With A WM Doll?

Other than how a sex doll looks the most obvious question everyone reading this WM Doll review will wonder is – what is it like to have sex with a WM Doll? The bottom line is that when it comes to having sex with any sex doll you want it to be as realistic and lifelike as possible.

Personally I find sex with WM Doll sex dolls remarkably realistic. I would personally challenge anyone to be inside the vaginal or anal cavity of a WM Doll and tell the difference between them and the real thing. Yes, you will have to use some form of lubrication but they do genuinely feel like the real thing.

The oral cavity on a WM Doll is a little bit different. It certainly feels very enjoyable when you are inside the mouth. However, it feels no different to the vaginal and anal cavities. When I bought my first WM Dolls this was not something that was a major issue to me. I suspect that it will not be a major issue to the majority of people who buy these sex dolls. However, having been lucky enough to own a very high end and very expensive sex doll from another manufacturer it is a shame WM Doll have not put more work into the mouth. It would be nice to have a deep throat option or it the mouth generated a sucking sensation. Maybe this is something that will come in the future without pumping up the overall price of WM Dolls.


The final conclusion of this WM Doll review is that they really do produce some fantastic sex dolls. Their dolls are of exceptionally high quality and exceptionally realistic and lifelike. You really do have to experience owning a WM Doll to truly appreciate just how wonderful they are. Even more importantly these sex dolls are exceptional value. In fact, in my opinion, they are the best value sex dolls that money can buy. Especially when you consider certain other manufacturers sell dolls at prices that could buy you a brand new car.

If you are looking for a well priced sex doll that is high quality and extremely realistic in every way then a WM Doll should most certainly be at the very top of your list. In this price range you will not find a better sex doll.

You can check out a huge range of WM Doll sex dolls by clicking here.

WM Doll Review - Should I Buy a WM Doll Sex Doll - Are WM Doll Sex Dolls Good - Best Deal on Cheap Sex Dolls

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