The Shinning Twins Sex Doll Fantasy

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The Shinning Twins Sex Doll Fantasy - Sex Doll Threesome - Femdom Sex DollIf you have ever had a desire to experience something a little, dark, a touch creepy, but still exciting, and are lucky enough to own two dolls why not try The Shinning Twins sex doll fantasy. Not only will does this fantasy give you the chance to explore some bondage or femdom concepts it makes a highly arousing sex doll threesome.

For The Shinning Twins sex doll fantasy you will ideally need two sex dolls. With that said you could still create this fantasy with a single doll.

You will obviously need to dress your sex dolls correctly. In the movie the twins wear a blue dress. They also wear knee knee high, white socks with Mary Jane style shoes. When dressing your dolls you may choose the same style knee high socks or alternatively you may choose thigh high socks or stockings. There is also the choice of dressing your doll in high heel Mary Jane style shoes if you happen to enjoy high heels over flat soled shoes.

Once you have your sex dolls dressed and ready it is simply a case of putting this fantasy into action. You can act out sexual scenarios like happen in the movie. Have the dolls stand in front of you as if they have appeared and want you to play with them forever and ever.

It would certainly be a good idea if you checked out The Shinning porn parody scenes that have been produced. One such scene was titled Come Play With Us and starred Maya Kendrick and Vanna Bardot. There is also a great scene which is much creepier available on titled Schizoid Twins starring Eveline Dellai and Silvia Dellai. These two are actually real life twins.

You also have the option of checking out Adriana Chechik’s Only Fans account. One halloween she posted a scene which was based on this movie.

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