Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll

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If you would love to buy a bondage or BDSM sex doll the perfect choice could be the beautiful Quinn 1.0 sex doll. This bondage sex doll is a beautiful blonde and is possible the worlds best high end, highly realistic sex doll.

Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll

The beautiful blonde Quinn 1.0 sex doll is a one of the best and most realistic sex dolls in the world and a creation from RealDoll. RealDoll is an American love doll manufacturer and name behind the best high end sex dolls available for sale anywhere in the world.

Perfect BDSM Partner

All the things that your wife will not to this smoking hot real girl sex doll is more than willing to try. She has the most beautiful blonde hair and sultry facial features which will have you feeling weak at the knees.

This sexy redhead loves BDSM styled scenarios. What better way to explore your inner kink than with this beautiful girl. A with drop dead gorgeous looks that would not look out of place as an A-list leading lady.

Life Size Sex Doll

Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Blonde Sex Dolls - BDSM Sex Doll

If you are looking to buy the perfect sex doll you undoubtedly want her to be life size. Well, this beautiful blonde sex doll is just that standing a perfect 5 feet, 3 inches tall.

She weighs between 70 and75 lbs which has proven to be the perfect weight for a sex doll. This is heavy enough to make her feel just like a real woman when in use. On the other hand she is still light enough to move around with relative ease when positioning her in various poses.

This is certainly something you will quickly become grateful for once you have her in your home.

Perfect Female Figure

When it comes to a smoking hot and very sexy female body you really do not get much sexier than the Quinn 1.0 sex doll. If you look up sexy in the dictionary you could very well find a photo of this stunning doll.

She is well toned with feminine curves in all the right places.

The Quinn 1.0 sex doll has a 33 inch chest combined with a 24 inch waist and 35 inch hips. She simply oozes sex appeal.

If you are looking to buy clothes for this highly realistic sex doll she can wear clothes sized between a 2 and 4 or a small size.

Elegant Breasts

For those of you who love nothing more that perfect breasts the Quinn 1.0 sex doll is exactly what you are looking for. Her perfect C-cup breasts look indistinguishable from the real thing. Not only do they look unbelievably realistic they feel just like the real thing as well.

In fact we would challenge anyone to feel her breast and be able to tell the difference between them and the real thing.

If you consider yourself a boob man then this is the sex doll you should buy.

Nylons and Foot Fetish Dream

Quinn 1.0 Sex Doll - Buy High End Sex Dolls - Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Best RealDoll Sex Dolls - Blonde Sex Dolls - BDSM Sex Doll

If nylons such as stocking or pantyhose or your thing or maybe you have a secret foot fetish. Well, in that case this is certainly the sex doll you should be looking to buy.

The Quinn 1.0 sex doll has the most elegant size 8 feet you could ever dream about. They look sensational bare as they do wrapped in nylon or dressed socks. Just wait until you see her wearing high heels.

The same can be said about her smoking hot, sexy legs. When bare they amazing but when she wears pantyhose or stockings you will move heaven and earth for a chance to rub your hands over them.


When it comes to creating a customized sex doll RealDoll have very much written the book on this. There is nothing that can not be altered on a RealDoll sex doll to suit your own individual tastes.

Change her hair, eye color, fingernails, pubic hair, her breast size, even her face. Only RealDoll allow you the opportunity to create the perfect sex doll. It is only RealDoll that allows you to customize ever last inch of your perfect sex doll.

In fact the majority of people who buy a RealDoll buy additional faces and hair pieces. This allows them to change the appearance of their love dolls in matter of seconds. It is like getting several high end sex dolls for the price of one. what is not to love about the idea of that?

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