Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll

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If you are like the majority of sex doll owners you have likely developed some form of feelings for your own doll. This leads to an inevitable desire to spend more time with your doll. Some people like to simply hang out with their doll while others enjoy date nights which is why we have created this list of movies to watch with your sex doll. After all what better date night activity is there than a night in watching movies.

Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll

This collection of movies to watch with your sex doll are something you will both enjoy. Some look at the emotional bonds between people and their sex dolls. Others focus on things like androids and AI and the morals behind them.

Weird Science

Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll - Sex Doll Movies - Sex Doll Date Night

One of my personal guilty pleasures and one of the funnest movies to watch with your sex doll it the classic Weird Science. This movie tells the story of two high school nerds who develop their perfect woman on a computer. Sound familiar yet?

A freak electrical accident brings their creation to life in the form of stunningly sexy actress Kelly LeBrock. As the perfect woman she goes out and gets them a Porsche and helps them not only become popular in high school but stand up to high school bullies.

This is a movie that both you and your sex doll will love.

Lars and the Real Girl

Anyone who is interested in or owns a sex doll will undoubtedly find Lars and the Real Girl an emotional experience. This is certainly one of the most emotional movies to watch with your sex doll. If you have developed any sort of feelings towards your own sex doll this movie will be something both you and your sex doll can relate with.

In this movie Lars Lindstrom is a man who has lived a isolated and secluded life. Lars is a guy who’s mother died from natural causes when she gave birth to him. This led to his grief stricken father becoming emotionally distant from him and his older brother. Lars’ life spirals downwards even further when his brother leaves town only to return to claim his inheritance when his father dies.

All this leads to Lars going out of his way to avoid any form of social contact. Whether at work, with family, even in church, he seems to fare poorly. He even fails to reciprocate the interest when a woman at work shows an interest in him.

He winds up living all alone in a converted garage but his life changes for the better when a real sex doll named Bianca comes into his life. Lars takes great comfort in her company and quickly develops a close loving bond with the doll.

This beautiful story and the unique bond that develops is something every sex doll owner will relate with. Both you and your sex doll will find this the most touching of movies to share together.


Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll - Sex Doll Movies - Sex Doll Date Night

This is another great choice of movies to watch with your sex doll. This movie tells the story of Theodore Twombly, a man who suffers from introversion, loneliness, and depression. This leads to Theodore developing a special relationship with a virtual assistant who is called Samantha.

The company Theodore works for hires professional writers like him. Their job is to write personal letters for people who are unable to write them for themselves. Since he is facing a divorce from his wife Theodore decides to upgrade his virtual assistant to include artificial intelligence; a system so advanced it has the ability to learn, evolve, and adapt.

Deciding to choose a female voice for the AI Theodore becomes amazed with how quickly the virtual assistant learns and advances psychologically. As you may suspect it takes very little time for him to begin developing a special bond with the virtual assistant to the point he falls in love.

This is a movie that will certainly touch your heart and the heart of your sex doll.


When you consider all the movies to watch with your sex doll this is the one that will really make you think. It has an emotional depth about it that makes you consider the morality behind creating artificial beings capable of real emotions. It will certainly have you feeling an emotional connection with your sex doll; possibly deeper and stronger than you ever dreamt possible.

Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll - Sex Doll Movies - Sex Doll Date Night

AI is about an android child named David. He has been designed and manufactured by a company called Cybertronics. This android child has been specifically designed to both desire and give love to his foster mother. This is something that sounds wonderful but it is exceptionally unpleasant for David. If you consider how androids are likely to last a lot longer than a human. Part of this movie tackles the emotional distress when the inevitable happens. It really will have you feeling something at the very pit of your stomach and bottom of your heart.

This will likely be your first introduction to the ethics of creating such advance artificial intelligence which by design would be emotionally vulnerable.

Eve of Destruction

If it is your turn to choose the movie and you want something fast paced and filled with action check out Eve of Destruction. Not only is this an action movie it is somewhat sexy; especially if you love hot blondes wearing black sheer stockings and high heels.

Eve is a female cyborg who has been developed to look just like her creator. When she malfunctions it becomes a race against time to find her as she heads off on a murderous rampage. It does not help that a countdown timer inside Eve has been triggered and when it reaches zero she will explode taking out the entire city with her.

Ex Machina

Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll - Sex Doll Movies - Sex Doll Date Night

If you are wondering where the thriller movies to watch with your sex doll are look no further than Ex Machina. This movie is all about a computer programmer named Caleb Smith who works for a leading search engine company.

When Caleb wins a week long visit to the isolated home of the companies CEO, Nathan Bateman, he is introduced to a female humanoid named Ava. Nathan explains to Caleb that he wants him to spend his week with Ava so he can study her. He should then report back as whether or not he feels this humanoid is capable of true thoughts, emotion, and consciousness.

This is a movie that is filled with twists and turns and is the perfect thriller for both you and your sex doll.


Starring legendary actor Al Pacino Simone is great choice of movie to share on date night.

It tells the story of a film producer who’s latest film is threatened when his leading actress quits. Lucky for him he is given a computer simulation of a highly beautiful woman who can be used as an onscreen actress. Think along the lines of how todays movies can blend animated characters with real humans on screen.

Problems being to occur when Simone becomes an overnight success. The big problem is that everyone thinks she is a real living woman; something the film producer encourages to begin with.


There are many more movies to watch with your sex doll. Everyone will have their own personal favorite. Why not leave your own favorites below.

Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll - Sex Doll Movies - Sex Doll Date Night

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