Jennifer – Celebrity Sex Doll – Sex Doll of the Day

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When you look at the Jennifer – Celebrity Sex Doll you can very much be forgiven for thinking you have seen her somewhere before. Does she remind you of a certain blonde actress. Well, the resemblance is obviously unintentional but it is hard to deny she looks very much like a Jennifer Lawrence sex doll. She is certainly the closest to a real celebrity sex doll as we are ever likely to get.

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Jennifer – Celebrity Sex Doll – Sex Doll of the Day

Jennifer - Celebrity Sex Doll - Sex Doll of the Day - Buy Cheap High End Realistic Sex Dolls - Best Sex Dolls - Celebrity Sex Doll - Jennifer Lawrence Lookalike

This beautiful blonde sex doll is a creation from WM Doll, one of the worlds most popular sex doll manufacturers.

She is constructed from a lightweight yet strong skeleton which is covered in high quality TPE for her skin. The level of care and detail that has went into making this sex doll is nothing short of astonishing. She looks so realistic and lifelike.

This hot blonde stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 62 lbs. While this is a little lighter than your average real woman it is the perfect weight for a sex doll. It is heavy enough to make her feel like a real woman when she is in use. On the other hand she is still light enough to move around and position with relative ease. Something you will quickly become grateful for in everyday life with your sex doll.

She has the most perfectly sculpted B-Cup breasts that look and feel just like the real thing. In fact this sex dolls breasts are so realistic we would challenge anyone to tell the difference between them and the real thing. They really are that incredibly lifelike.

Her bust measures 26 inches combined with a 19 inch waist and 30 inch hips. Talk about the perfect feminine figure. You will literally not be able to keep your eyes, and your hands, off this beautiful sex doll.

Most importantly this stunning sex doll can offer you all forms of sex. Yes, that means vagina, oral sex and anal sex. The fact she can be positioned in any lifelike pose you could imagine means she is the perfect way to bring all your sexual fantasies and desires to life.

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