Hermione Granger Sex Doll Fantasy

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Hermione Granger Sex Doll Fantasy - Emma Watson Sex Doll - Celebrity Sex DollsIf you happen to be one of the many fans of Emma Watson you will love the idea of a Hermione Granger sex doll fantasy. Harry Potter fans will unlikely ever have the real adult Emma Watson on hand to role play a Hermione Granger sex doll fantasy a sex doll is the next best thing.

Perhaps you could use your Emma Watson sex doll to role play a scene where she finds a time turner. She could be all stressed as a result of her investigating this forbidden offence. All she needs to do is take a moment to relax and collect her thoughts. Of course that is going to be pretty hard when you consider she has just drank what you poured thinking it was a cup of tea. It was actually veritas serum.

This honesty liquid works its magic in a matter of seconds. Hermione Granger begins to confess how much of a huge crush she has on you. She goes on to confess about all the love letters she wrote but did not send. She even confesses just how horny you make her. What is really good news could be that she confesses she wants to have sex with you right there and then. Who would you be to argue with her?

You will obviously need an Emma Watson sex doll or at least a doll that has a resemblance to her. Then you will need a Hermione Granger costume. Maybe you could choose a sexy Hermione Granger costume the likes of which are often seen for sale in various sex shops.

You can see a huge range of sex dolls that will be ideal for this Harry Potter themed sex doll fantasy here.

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