Dana Scully Sex Doll Fantasy

Any fan of The X-Files and of Gillian Anderson will truly love the idea of a Dana Scully sex doll fantasy. Whether you choose to dress your doll in 90’s style power suits or the more formal suites with pantyhose and high heels as worn by character in the later series a Dana Scully sex doll fantasy will be a sci-fi geeks dream. After all who would not want to be all alone with Gillian Anderson.

Dana Scull ySex Doll Fantasy

Dana Scully Sex Doll Fantasy - Gillian Anderson Sex Doll - Gillian Anderson Pantyhose

For this celebrity character sex doll fantasy you take on the role of Special Agent Fox Mulder. You can role play being sent on an assignment to investigate an X-File with your Gillian Anderson sex doll. Just like in the show you can enjoy sneaky glimpses of Dana Scully’s body, her legs in nylon and her feet in those high heels. Fall in love with her to the point where it is unbearable and you have to confess to her. The heavenly delight when she tells you she loves you too. Then enjoy the inevitable Fiat night of passion with her. The perfect X-Files fantasy. As if you were in your own X-Files XXX parody porn movie or even a very special episode of the TV show.

Ideally, if you are looking for anything that resembles a Gillian Anderson sex doll, you will want a redhead.

When it comes to clothing for your celebrity love doll there are two basic options. While a pants suit is certainly an option undoubtedly your doll will look so much sexier wearing a skirt. It is fair to say most of us find women wearing a skirt much sexier than a woman wearing pants. Who does not love a glimpse of some sexy legs?

Dana Scully Sex Doll Fantasy - Gillian Anderson Sex Doll - Gillian Anderson Pantyhose

If you are looking to dress your doll in clothing worn by Gillian Anderson in the earlier seasons of The X-Files you will need to combine a skirt which hangs just above the knee with a formal office style jacket. This jacket should have large shoulder pads as was the fashion back in the early 90’s. The skirt and jacket should be combined with 90’s style mid-high heels and pantyhose which are a pale shade.

On the other hand if you prefer how Dana Scully dressed in later episodes choose a dark colored pencil skirt which hangs just above the knee. Then choose a figure hugging formal white or blue shirt combined with a formal jacket which matches the skirt. The big difference here is that this jacket should have no shoulder pads. You will then need a pair of high heels for your celebrity sex doll fantasy combined with a pair of nude pantyhose or stockings. It is down to your own personal preference as to whether you choose pantyhose or stockings. You could even chose hold-ups.

To finish the look you can add an FBI badge, an airsoft gun, and a pair of handcuffs. The handcuffs will come in handy if things get a little naughty.

Dana Scully Sex Doll Fantasy - Gillian Anderson Sex Doll - Gillian Anderson Pantyhose

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