Cowgirl Sex Doll

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If you have a thing for the women of the wild west you are undoubtedly here looking to buy a Cowgirl sex doll. Well, the good news is that you could not really ask for a more realistic or sexier cowgirl sex doll than this beautiful offering from WM Doll, one of the worlds most popular doll manufacturers.

Cowgirl Sex Doll – Quick Look

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This cowgirl sex doll is sold by various retailers, each retailer giving the doll a unique name. You will likely see it named as Lissa or as Daisy, undoubtedly a nod to Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazard. The doll is highly realistic, has long, blonde hair, with a body that is nothing short of perfect for wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a cowboy shirt tied in a knot at the front.


You really could not ask for a more beautiful looking love doll. Her facial features are highly attractive and lifelike. In fact it is fair to say this is certainly one of the most realistic sex dolls around. This is a mid-height sex doll with a thin, well toned, and athletic figure combined with big breasts.


This doll stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 88 lbs. This is obviously a little lighter than an average woman of this height but the perfect weight for a sex doll. It is heavy enough to feel just like a real woman when you make love to her. It is also light enough to move around and position without the need for assistance.

The Doll has large E-Cup breasts which look bigger than they are when combined with other body measurements. Not oversized but you certainly have your attention drawn to them. Think along the lines of your stereotypical Baywatch babe. What really is truly fantastic about the beasts on this doll is that they look and feel so much like the real thing it will blow your mind. In fact we would challenge you to tell the difference between the breasts or the buttocks on this doll and tell the difference.

Buy a Cowgirl Sex Doll Cheap - Cowgirl Sex Doll For Sale - High End Sex Dolls

The doll has a 32 inch bust coupled with a 22.5 inch waist and 32.8 inch hips. These measurements give this doll the most perfect, well toned, and athletic appearance. You will not be able to keep your hands or eyes off this cowgirl sex doll.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Skin

This cowgirl sex doll has skin that is manufactured from thermoplastic (TPE) rather than silicone. TPE has nearly all the same benefits of silicone skin with several benefits. It looks and feels just like real human skin especially when you purchase the in-body heating option.

What makes TPE sex dolls so appealing is the overall price. TPE is a much cheaper material and is much easier to work with and paint. This means you will always pay less when you buy a TPE sex doll over a silicone sex doll. It is this very reason that this cowgirl sex doll is such exceptional value for money. You really will have to go a long way to find such a high end, high quality sex doll for anything close to this price.

Steel Skelton

The TPE skin of this cowgirl sex doll covers a skeleton which is made from high quality lightweight steel. This steel skeleton features movable joints in all the same places you would find joints on a real human skeleton. These joints can lock in position so the doll can achieve any natural position a real woman can.

This is a truly wonderful feature of this cowgirl sex doll. It allows you to not only position her in any pose you desire but to have sex with her in any position you desire. This sex doll will always be willing and always be ready to try anything you ask. All your sexual fantasies can finally come true. She will even be up for a threesome with you and your wife or girlfriend.

Capable of All Forms of Sex

Buy a Cowgirl Sex Doll Cheap - Cowgirl Sex Doll For Sale - High End Sex Dolls

We have already stated that this cowgirl sex doll can have sex with you in any position you desire. However, there is even more good news with this love doll. She can offer you any form of sex you desire as well as in any position. Vagina, anal, and oral sex are all possible with this highly realistic doll.

Her vagina and anus have a depth of 6.7 inches while her mouth has a depth of 5.1 inches. The enhanced mouth option is certainly worth the extra money. This option looks and feels much more realistic than the simple standard mouth.

Customization and Options

Like the majority of WM Doll products this cowgirl offers a good range of options and customizations. Anything you do not like about this dolls appearance can easily be changed at the point of purchase.

Available customizations on this doll include attributes such as skin tone, eye color, hair color, pubic hair, and more. It is also possible to choose they type of breasts you want on your doll.

Other options include finger and toe nail color, areola size, nipple color, labia color, and more.

We would highly recommend you choose the in-body heating and the upgraded feet options. The upgraded feet allow the doll to stand on her own without the need for any form of support. This is something we pretty much guarantee you will be glad you opted for.

It is also worth considering the removable vagina option. If you consider how much easier this cowgirl sex doll will be too clean if you are able to remove the vagina. Again, this option will be something you will undoubtedly be so grateful you chose.


Whatever the reason you are wanting to buy a cowgirl sex doll this WM Doll is so perfect. It is highly realistic, very beautiful and sexy, and is of the very highest quality. Even more importantly it is such great value for money there is nothing you will fail to love about this doll.

Buy a Cowgirl Sex Doll Cheap - Cowgirl Sex Doll For Sale - High End Sex Dolls

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