Awesome Foot Fetish Sex Dolls

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If you happen to be one of the countless guys out there who has a secret foot fetish the idea of a foot fetish sex toy is a wonderful concept. But why have a simple foot fetish sex toy when you could buy one of these awesome foot fetish sex dolls.

Awesome Foot Fetish Sex Dolls

So if you are looking to buy one of the many awesome foot fetish sex dolls you probably have one question at the forefront of your mind – What is the best foot fetish sex doll?

Well, when it comes to any foot fetish sex toy it is fair to say there really is no substitute for for realism. After all the whole point of any foot fetish sex toy is that it looks and feels just like the real thing. So, exactly what are the best foot fetish sex dolls on the market?


Awesome Foot Fetish Sex Dolls - Buy Foot Fetish Sex Toys Cheap

When choosing the best foot fetish sex doll it really was a very, very close call between DS Doll and RealDoll. One of the main reasons we placed DS Doll above RealDoll is simply because DS Doll have a wider range of dolls for sale. We cannot stress enough at this point that RealDoll sex dolls are every bit as lifelike and realistic as DS Doll. Once again you really will struggle to distinguish between the feet on a RealDoll sex doll and those on a real woman.

What we would say is that while DS Doll offer a wider range of products RealDoll products are of a higher manufacturing quality. If you are looking for a high end sex doll then we cannot recommend RealDoll enough.

RealDoll produce the best quality sex dolls in the world. They have highly realistic feet and all their dolls look fantastic dressed in stockings or pantyhose. Throw in a pair of high heels and you have all your dreams come true.

Check out the largest collection of RealDoll products here.

WM Doll

Our final suggestion for an awesome foot fetish sex doll is products from the WM Doll range. WM Doll are possibly the best known sex doll manufacturer in the world. They certainly offer the most diverse and extensive range of sex dolls available. The products they produce cover pretty much all genres from highly realistic to fantasy style dolls such as elf’s or vampires for example.

Awesome Foot Fetish Sex Dolls - Buy Foot Fetish Sex Toys Cheap

The sole reason we are mentioning WM Doll last is because of one simple reason. Sure, WM Doll really does produce highly realistic sex dolls. But, with that said, they do not pay as close attention to detail as the likes of RealDoll or DS Doll.

A Standard WM Doll sex doll does indeed have beautiful and realistic feet. The issue we personally have with WM Doll is that should you want your doll to have the ability of standing up on her own then her feet will need the upgraded feet option. This means the soles of your dolls feet will have three silver pieces of metal visible. These pieces of metal act as a base for the doll to stand up on.

It may be possible to have these metal studs painted although, in our opinion, they will still be noticeable.

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DS Doll

Awesome Foot Fetish Sex Dolls - Buy Foot Fetish Sex Toys Cheap

If you ask anyone familiar with the sex doll industry which manufacturer produces the most realistic love dolls you will undoubtedly hear about RealDoll.

DS Doll are a sex doll manufacturer that, in our opinion, produce product ever bit as realistic as RealDoll. The reason we are ranking DS Doll products as our number one choice of foot fetish sex doll is because of attention detail. DS Doll have went above and beyond when creating their dolls. They are simply not content with producing a doll that has a realistic face and body. This company has paid extreme attention to every last detail of their dolls.

When you see a DS Doll in the flesh you will instantly see what we are talking about. When you look at the feet on these dolls you will be truly blown away. They are as close to indistinguishable from real human feet as you could ever dream of. Every wrinkle in the skin and every vein is visible just like a real human foot. We can not emphasise enough how realistic a DS Doll is.

Whether you love bare feet or feet covered in nylon stockings or pantyhose these dolls will amaze you.

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If you are a lover of beautiful women with sexy legs and pretty feet we really cannot recommend the above mentioned sex doll manufacturers enough. Between these three there is something available for sale to suit everyones budget.

Each and every sex doll created by RealDoll, WM Doll, and DS Doll will bring you many hours of pleasure. They look great with bare legs and feet but also look great in all kinds of footwear or dressed in nylon stocking or pantyhose.

The truly awesome thing about sex dolls is they allow you to live out every last desire you have. What is there not to love?

Awesome Foot Fetish Sex Dolls - Buy Foot Fetish Sex Toys Cheap

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