Air Hostess Sex Doll Fantasy

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You could not ask for a more classic role play than an air hostess sex doll fantasy. This is your chance to role play this hugely popular sexual fantasy and join the world famous mile high club. An air hostess sex doll fantasy could not be more perfect for those of you who love beautiful women with sexy legs wearing nylon pantyhose or stockings and high heels. This sex doll role play is just what the doctor ordered.

Just imagine the various scenarios you and your sex doll could role play. You could pretend to be watching her as she teases you. Teasing you by walking up and down the aisle allowing you to feast your eyes on her legs and butt as she walked by. Her sex legs looking so perfect in those pantyhose or stockings.

How about you have sex with your doll right there in a our seat on the aeroplane. She could straddle you just like on a real passenger jet.

Maybe she could lead you to the aeroplane toilets where you could engage in a passionate romp. Or she could you to the cabin crew rest area which you would have all to yourselves.

Then again she could spend the whole flight teasing you. Making sure you have plenty of views of her stunningly beautiful body. Then she turns up at your hotel. Maybe she knocks on your hotel room door or maybe you spot each other in the hotel bar that night.

The possibilities and scenarios are quite literally endless for this flight attendant sex doll fantasy.

There are two lines of thought when it comes to clothing clothing your sex doll for this fantasy. You could certainly buy a naught air hostess costume that you find the in sex shops. The kind your wife or girlfriend might buy as a special treat.

However we feel since this is a sexual fantasy role play you would be better finding a real air hostess uniform. Such clothing is easy enough to find. There is even the possibility of buying a ready made costume that looks identical to those worn by real flight attendants.

Just imagine how wonderful your sex doll will look for this flight attendant sex doll fantasy. That smart yet above the knee skirt. Just tight enough to draw your attention to her butt. How sexy her legs will look in those nylons. Oh, and how alluring her feet will look in those high heels she is wearing. Could this not be any more perfect for the man who has a nylon foot fetish?

You can see a huge number of suitable and dolls for the is fantasy on sale here.

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