3 Reasons a Sex Doll is Not Cheating

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Very possibly the most common question we get is – if I buy a sex doll is it cheating? This question is understandable especially when you consider how realistic the majority of sex dolls are. So, if you buy and have sex with a love doll would it be considered cheating? Well, here are 4 reasons a sex doll is not cheating.

3 Reasons a Sex Doll Is Not Cheating

3 Reasons a Sex Doll is Not Cheating

1 – She is Not a Real Person

Kicking off our 4 reasons a sex doll is not cheating is the most obvious point. A sex doll is not a real person. Your partner has no reasons to get jealous because it is not like you are sharing a relationship with another living person. A sex doll is justĀ  a sex doll. Everything else is reserved for your partner.

2 – She is Just a Sex Toy

This is probably the most crucial point when it comes to understanding that using a sex doll is not cheating. The bottom line is that a sex doll is nothing more than a male sex toy. With that in mind it is in no way cheating on your real life partner. Put it this way. If a woman uses a vibrator is that considered cheating? No it is not and therefore a sex doll is not considered cheating on your partner.

3 – Be Used With A Partner

Our final reason a sex doll is not cheating is this one. If you find yourself in a situation where your partner is jealous it is worth considering a sex doll can easily be used with your partner. In fact a sex doll is the perfect sex toy for couples to introduce into their relationship. A sex doll offers the opportunity to explore so many sexual fantasies such as threesomes without having to bring a third party into the mix.

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